Daddy daughter dinner day with mom.

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I went by the shop and the shopping cart and big blue bin were still there this morning. The blue bin disappeared sometime around 3pm. Someone came by and walked off with it. I hope it’s not the guy that has been storing it in my parking lot. I’ve decided that if it shows up again I’m taking the wheels off it. Shopping carts I’ll take for a drive. Ideally I’d like to run into a cart wrangler and get their phone #. That would save me taking it for a ride. They would and get paid to do it too.

I picked up Jasmine after school. When I got there I was talking with another parent with Jasmine standing beside me. one of her friends was facing her talking to her. All of a sudden a girl ran full tilt and jumped on the other girls back throwing bother of them into Jasmine. She would have fallen over backward if I hadn’t caught her. The friend’s head that she was talking with smacked Jasmine square in the nose. I’m surprised it wasn’t bleeding. I told the jumper that what she did was not nice and not how friends play and that she could have really hurt the girl she jumped on. ( Ever see a football player tackled from behind when they are standing still or in the air…? That is exactly how hard the jumper hit the other girl. Jasmine’s head just happened to be in the way of her friend doing a full body face plant in the dirt. )

On the way home I asked Jasmine what she wanted for supper. She said pizza. So off we went to the grocery store to get the fixings to bulid pizzas. We decided on pita pizza because it’s the easiest. Jasmine likes pepperoni and tomato sauce, Heidi won’t touch pepperoni… So we got some chicken. I’ll eat anything.

One home I prepped the vegetables and Jasmine grated the cheese. We waited a bit so we could have dinner with Heidi when she got home around 5:15. I built he pizzas and we had a very nice dinner. (I made a video of making of the pizza and more. I’m editing it now.) After supper we went out to get stuff for Jasmine’s birthday party. (It will be in advance of the big day to accommodate our sanity.) We went to the dollar store and then to Giant Tiger. Heidi wanted to get some other things too.

I made a video of our adventure and hope to get it up either tonight or tomorrow.


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