I’m not sure Heidi is down with that menu.

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I got stood up today by some guy that was supposed to meet me at the shop. I won’t be working with him in the future.

I hadn’t planned a trip to the shop but got an email from a guy and made an appointment. (It’s good to keep appointments… Right?) Oh well. Probably for the best.

I did get some work done while at the shop. One thing was getting rid of the shopping cart and huge recycling bin that showed up last night… I guess since I have installed the fence now homeless people think they can just use my driveway instead of hiding stuff behind the shed… (I’m guessing these people are homeless. I figure this because if they had a home wouldn’t they take the shopping cart there…?

I noticed the ladies at the hair shop pushing a shopping cart out from behind their shop today when I was there… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen and removed both carts from my place in the past. They just keep coming back…

Time for alternative measures. I’ll just put the cart in my trailer and take it away. Where to I have not decided. It may make sense to drop them off at a grocery store… Well I’m not taking them to the closest one to my shop… I’ll go a bit further.

Maybe I’ll just take the wheels off the big blue bin that keeps showing up. It’s one of the ones that the trucks have to lift to empty. It says City of Hamilton on it so I’m pretty sure it’s stolen… (I’m in London… 2 hours away…)

I tried to start the truck while at the shop to move it over a bit so I can adjust the parking arrangement. It wouldn’t start again… I had tried last week and the battery was dead. So I had it charging for the last week. No go. A cell must have died because it’s only showing 9V instead of the needed 12V. I took it out again and put it in the back of the SAAB. I’ll take it to be recycled when I get a new one later this week or early next.

It looks like Heidi won’t be going to Toronto on Friday now. Her ride fell through and she says she has too much to do before her week away. So she will leave on Sunday some time and return late on Friday next week. That’s probably for the best too because Jasmine and I had been talking about our meal planning for all of next week. So far it will be waffles and fried chicken.

I’m not sure Heidi is down with that menu. At least not for 7 days. 5 maybe.

I guess I’ll find out sooner than later.

Tomorrow I will get the waffle iron out to make sure it is in tip top shape for her departure.


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