Why mention this in a blog about some guy with sailboats…?

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A new day for Canada. We now have a Liberal majority government. I foresee some changes in the near future.

Why mention this in a blog about some guy with sailboats…?

Well the last Conservative government had started dismantling some iconic Canadian things that I am quite fond of. One is home delivery of mail and the possible privatization of Canada Post. This is a Crown Corporation. One of the remnants of the British monarchy in Canada. It makes money for the country and provides a great service. Someone didn’t like it and wanted it gone. (Our last Prime Minister.)

Another concern was the handling of Canada’s science community. No research person employed by Canada was allowed to make public any thing. Nothing! Or else lose their job. That’s not right! If there’s a problem with a drug no report would be released…! Huh?

The other and most important in my eyes is the CBC. The CBC is a nation wide public broadcaster of Radio and TV. It’s the only independent news source in the Country. It reports on what is happening all over the world and in Canada without prejudice. That’s the important part… Without prejudice. No other news sources in Canada do this.  Much less the world.

The new government has proposed fixing the things that have been broken by the last. Yea!

I was in the village and found a new lost cat poster today. Yes someone else has lost their kitty. I haven’t heard of any new coyote activity in the city but that is always a possibility. We have an extensive trail network that follows the rivers into the downtown of the city where the North and South branches meet. It’s like a highway for wildlife.

I got home before the girls today and made supper. Then I had to have a nap. (2 hours later…) A long nap. I guess I’m still tired from the weekend’s work party.

This weekend Heidi is off to Toronto for her Waldorf teacher course. So it will be daddy daughter fall break. Waffles and hot dogs are on the menu. And whatever we think of. I’m not sure if I am taking Heidi to Toronto on Friday or if she is getting a ride with a collage. There is a course that starts Friday night that is an extra that they both want to attend.


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