She took me hostage.

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I’m writing this Sunday Morning. Heidi had to watch a movie with me last night. Then she took me hostage for the rest of the evening.

Sat was the Yacht club clean up. I got there at 9 am and picked a task from the group of papers laying out on the tables.

The way it works  is each paper has a task. One is expected to put their name under the task that you want to help out with… As well there is a team leader spot to be filled out.

I dove right into this and chose the team leader position responsible for::: Cleaning and bringing in the BBQ’s from the gazebo and storing them in the chalet. (The sheet of paper had the wrong description: it said BBQ’s. It should have said Gas Grills.) A most important task! The sheet recommended that 2 people take this task on. I didn’t follow that recommendation. I went out and scrubbed the grills and dumped the grease cups on each gas grill. Once that was done I grabbed one end and took off for the chalet. I put each grill along the west wall out of the way.  After that I went to back over to the sheet of paper and wrote DONE!

What a great job to have finished. I should have gone home with a sense of accomplishment.

Because after that I had to use a pick axe to bust up recycled asphalt and then shovel it into my trailer. This was for the potholes in the road. Chris F. came over and gave me a hand with this task. We got a couple of different holes filled and I ran out of coffee. So I filled up at the chalet. When their I noticed that the sheet of paper that said take old dock carpet to TRY was empty. I told this to Chris and we decided to take that task on.

I backed the trailer down the ramp to the main dock and we got a bunch of people to help load it.

Working with those carpets is a nasty job. They are full of blue green algae and zebra mussels. They stink and are wet. I don’t like this job at all.

Once loaded off Chris and I went to TRY. We were weighed, unloaded and weighed again in less than 15 min. I paid the $46 disposal fee and off we went. Back to dig more recycled asphalt and fill more holes. We got all the holes filled.

I helped with a bunch of little tasks and soon it was lunch.

Lunch was great! Chilly, hot dogs, soup and desserts.

After lunch there wasn’t much left to do. I loaded up my canoe on top of the car and packed up my power washer. There was only one boat left to power wash and the club’s power washer was still there.

I left around 2pm and took the canoe and the trailer over to the shop. I stored the canoe on horses along the south side of the shop. I lock the canoe to the building so it doesn’t disappear. Once the tools were put away I went to Heidi’s and had a shower and a nap.


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