The forecast is calling for snow…

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I had a busy schedule today so I had to get up early and got to the yacht club and get the Siren 17 out of there. The park closes and locks the gate at 4pm sharp today and doesn’t open it until Monday at 8am. I didn’t have time later in the day to get the boat so…  I got to the club around 7 am and dropped the mast of the Siren. It’s a pretty light last so I can easily do it myself. Unless it’s crazy windy. It wasn’t. It was cold though. 4C… Cold. Working in that temperature with stainless steel rigging is tough on the hands. Or I’m becoming a wimp as I age.  I loosened the side stays a little bit so the fore stay would loosen up. The mast is raked back about 4* so there’s quite a bit of tension on the stays. I like it tight too. No wobbling around of the mast when you’re sailing in heavy winds. Once I had the side stays loosened I went up top and removed the fore stay pin. To do that I just pulled down on the fore stay while pulling on the pin.  Then it is a matter of keeping tension on the fore stay until I can reach the mast. Once I have the mast I push it forward to keep it up. (The side stays keep it straight. If I had loosened them a lot it would get really sloppy side to side.) I then hop down into the cockpit and then walk the mast back like lowering a ladder.  I walk back as it comes down.  I would have to say it doesn’t weigh more than 45 lb as it’s coming down. Once it is down far enough to hold and balance it it’s probably 60 lb. (I’m guessing at the weights.) Once I have it balanced with the foot of the mast still in the holder I lift it up on the front and pull it out. Then I carry the mast forward and place it in the crutch I have built on the bow pulpit and then into the one off the stern.  Once it’s sitting in place I tie it down. I use the dock lines and the cleats to do this. No sense making things harder than they need be. The dock lines work great. I also use bungee cords to wrap the stays to the mast. after the bungee cord I like to use plastic zip ties to hold it too. Today I didn’t have any so I used hockey tape. The same white tape I use on the stay adjusters to keep the pins and rings together. It was in the tool kit in the boat. After that I took off and got about my day. I didn’t have time to drop the boat off at the shop before I needed to be at my appointment so I took it with me. It’s a little harder to find a parking spot at some places but if you get creative you can get most anywhere with a Siren behind your vehicle. (I go through Tim Hortons drive through with the boat on behind… I just take the turns a little wider.) I got to the shop around 4pm  and dropped off the boat. It fit in nicely beside the shed. I will need to get into it this week and clean it out. I also need to power wash the topside and give it a coat of wax. (I do the wax at the car wash… Yes! I get all kinds of looks from people…)  Tomorrow is the clean up at the yacht club. The forecast is calling for snow… Ick. I am planning to get their at 9am. I’m going to bring some tools and my utility trailer. I have just re-waterproofed my Blundstones. Maybe I shouldn’t say re-waterproofed. They were kind of dry so I rubbed mink oil into them and then sprayed them with a 3M water proffer. I did Heidi’s at the same time. She is sleeping so it will be a surprise the next time she goes to wear them.


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