My toy boat is out of the water for the winter.

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The Siren 17 and the dock are out of the lake.

I picked up Jasmine after school to help me do this. First we went to get the trailer from the shop. Then it was off to the yacht club. We arrived and found the staging area full of boats. Still enough room for us along the outside.

First thing we did was park at the ramp then we went to get the boat. We motored over slowly. The little 2hp Elgin has trouble pushing the boat in the wind. And it was windy! A strong 30 km/h west wind. That is perfect for removing the dock. The dock is on the west side of the lake at the bottom of a bluff. So the strongest winds go right over us on the dock. There’s even a little bit of wind that rolls in toward shore. That is good for keeping the dock and barge in place. It’s not to strong that it will push them into shore too quickly. It was just perfect today.

We got the Siren loaded without too much drama. Jasmine almost fell in the lake… She was holding the boat from the dock while I positioned the bow. I asked her to push the boat out from the dock a little. She did but she kept holding onto the boat. The boat kept going…! I noticed her when she was just about totally stretched out from the dock to the boat. Both hands on the boat and both feet on the dock…. Luckily for both of us I was able to maneuver the boat back towards the dock and she didn’t have to go swimming. (That is the same way I went swimming with my BlackBerry last year! Only difference was the siren was caught by the wind when I swam.) She was a little shaken up after that experience. I told her how proud I was of her on her ability to listen to and follow instructions while in the face of danger. I told her that it was a very good skill and that I hoped that she had learned it from me.

Once we pulled the SIren out I drove up the the power washing area and power washed it. I brought my power washer from home for the job. I never know if the one at the club will work or not. There are a bunch of people that still don’t know how to properly use it that use it to clean the bottom of their boat… I think the last club power washer was run without water in it for a while. Nothing like a 5 hp loud thing that only gives the water pressure of the tap. I wanted to bring mine so I could leave it there for this Saturday. It’s clean up day. I don’t mind the members using my machine if I’m there to get it set up properly. (Things like put water in it before it gets started , check the oil mid way through the day, and  make sure the hose isn’t wrapped around the machine touching the muffler…) There is a lot of stuff to power wash on Saturday. All the mooring balls, bottoms of the safety boats, and anything that was in the water over the season. If we are lucky all of the power washing will get done Saturday.

After I washed the Siren’s bottom We went and got the club’s big trailer. I took it to the main ramp and put it in the water in preparation for the dock.

Then we went to the dock and tried to pull out the poles… By hand… Only one came out. So off I went to the storage area of the sailing school and got a JackAll jack and a length of chain. I wrapped the chain around the poles and jacked them out. It was pretty simple. Next was remove the ramp to the dock. I just tied the one end to the tree in the past.

Once the poles were out we went to get the barge.

It started easily and I drove it over to the docks. I tied it on and got to removing the ramp to shore.

Jasmine and I had untied it from shore all ready . All that needed done was the pivot rod be removed and the ramp pulled onto the dock. It took me about 30 minutes to get the rod out! It was stuck good… The water was about 16 to 18” lower and the angle of the ramp was the problem. I did finally get it free and put the ramp on the dock. It was just to float it over to the trailer and float it on. It went on easier than I have ever got it on before. So off we went  up to the storage area near the clubhouse.

I keep it between 3 trees. One each side and one at the back. This way no one thinks they can park close to it. I’m just concerned about it falling off the barrels if someone hits it. I got it in place and tied it to the back tree and tried to pull out from under it. Tried… No go. I started spinning. So I backed up about a foot and got a little run. Snap! There went a tie down ratchet strap… So It tried a piece of 7/16 line I had in the car. It broke too!

Time to get serious. I went to the storage shed and got a length of chain and chained it to the tree. That worked! It’s now sitting on 4- 45gal barrels and 2 cinder blocks. Perfect for next spring when I need to load it onto the trailer again.

After the trailer unloading I checked the time. 7:30… (Jasmine’s bedtime is 8… And we hadn’t had supper…) So Off we went to A & W for burgers and onion rings. We made it home for 8:20. Off she went to bed. I’m writing a blog and downloading photos and video I and Jasmine took while we were out. It won’t be made tonight. I have to get to bed early so I can get the boat from the yacht club before I take Jasmine to school tomorrow. It has to be out of there by 4pm and I’ve got a very busy day. I plan to pick up the canoe on Saturday. (I forgot the roof racks today…)


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