I was the youngest there. I’m 46…

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I went to the shop today to do a little stuff to get ready for winter. Things like take the air conditioner out of the window and secure the windows. By secure the windows I mean modify them so they can only open about 4”. This will stop the punks that are in the area from sliding them open and coming in uninvited. (The way I was robbed a couple years back…)

When I the shop was broken into back then the guy came in through a window. The old wood double hung type of window with the latch in the middle. He used something to slide the lock to open and just opened the window and crawled in. Now someone can open the latch like before but the window will only open 4”. That’s not enough room to get in. The only other way is to break the glass. That’s too loud and garners attention. (I don’t think thieves use words like garners…)

Once the windows were done I tried to replace a deadbolt lock. I was unsuccessful in my attempt… I have doors with fire skins on them and that makes them thicker than normal doors. In this case too thick to install the electronic deadbolt. (I need longer screws and have a little woodworking to do, then I can install it.) It will have to wait for now. I have too many other things on the go right now.

I went to the London Videography Club meeting tonight. I was invited by a member that has seen my YouTube videos. It was interesting. 3 different members showed and spoke about their work. The first guy was the founder of the club from many years ago. (1991) He showed his panorama stills. (Photos.) He talked about how to make them and how to use the software that he used.

I got some ideas from him. (He is a really interesting guy.)

The 2nd guy showed a documentary he made about a small town close to London. Sparta. He did a great job! It was his first attempt at this type of thing. (He is a wedding photographer.) His editing was perfect. Only problem with his documentary was the microphone cord on two of the ladies. He felt too shy to ask that they put the cord under their top. Some of the other guys told him not to be nervous and that that was the bonus of being a videographer. He should place the microphone cord under their tops… I don’t think he will have a problem with the next doc he makes.

I met some nice people and was reminded of long ago when I was involved with the Forest City Gallery. (I was on the board of directors for 9 years.) The London Videography club used to use our back room for their meetings. I recognized 3 people from back then. (Luckily they didn’t recognize me…)

I will have to look at my schedule and their meeting schedule to see if I can get to the meetings. It’s once a month on a Wednesday night starting at 7:30. That means that I would have to miss Wednesday night sailboat racing or just show up late. I also have to run it by my beautiful wife Heidi. I want to see what her schedule is like and if it will accommodate me going off and hanging out with a bunch of old guys with video equipment.

I was the youngest there. I’m 46. So I know that if I join I could be expected to do a bunch of stuff for the club… I don’t want that. I just want to learn and contribute what I can.

I took some footage at the meeting and a bunch on the way there and back. I’ll try to get that together tomorrow night if I can.

Tomorrow Jasmine and I take out the boat and dock. This will be fun for the both of us. We will video it all.

Note: Charge BB.


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