No more water problems. Phablet to replace my S3.

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My S3 is doing some crazy stuff… I don’t know why it is but I have a couple ideas. It was working fine last night…

The first is that I didn’t get it charged fully and it has died because of dead battery. (I actually saw a battery critically low message flash on the screen this morning for less than a second.) So that would say that it isn’t charging properly. (A problem in the past with the charging port…) If it wasn’t plugged in jut right… No charge. I had problems in the past when I was downloading photos. If I moved the phone it would disconnect from the data cable…

Or two: The battery shorted out and just decide to quit.

Either way I think I has something to do with going swimming with it in my pocket…

Doesn’t much matter anymore. I just got in and I brought home a new Samsung Note 1. Heidi’s new phone. (I did want one of these phones at one time. There big. Kind of. It depends on what you are used to.

My LG G3 has a 8mm taller but 3mm skinnier screen than the Note. The Note feels bigger in your hand because it is wider. If you are used to something like my BlackBerry Torch then the Note seems (It is.) ⅓ bigger!

I am in the process of setting it up for Heidi with her email and stuff. I also want to have easy access to my email accounts and apps so I will set those up as well. I think she will love this Phablet. Phone/tablet… It is a really nice tool for doing lots of stuff.

I just got off of EBay where I ordered 2 waterproof bags. Yes so I can take my and Heidi’s phones on the boat. No more water problems.

We have been trying to figure out this weekend and I am getting a plan together on what I need to do in the way of getting the Siren out. I need to put the goal posts on the trailer. That means I need to build and install them. I also want to paint the trailer. (Heidi thinks this a waste of time. I don’t.) I can spray it quickly with Black Tremclad and it will be good for many years to come. It is really rusty now and I don’t want more. I can spray it at the shop or out at the Yacht Club. It will depend on the wind. Lots of wind = Yacht Club. No wind = shop.

I am also planing work on one of the MacGregors. I need to get in and do some wiring and a few gel-coat touch ups. I also need to install a bunch of stuff. (Electronics, etc.) It will be good to get working on the boat again. I need to have it ready for spring 2016. With so much going on it’s been impossible to get to it.


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