It’s alive 2. The sequel.

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I don’t need a new phone after all. The Samsung S3 is alive and well. So is the BlackBerry. (I haven’t got any emails back from the ads I replied to anyways.)

I got curious last night and did some searching online and found that if you power the phone on while holding the home button down and the power button for 10 seconds it does something…

Well in my case it booted the phone! So now it works like it did the day it was new. Just fine!

I’m not sure how both of these phones survived their swim on Saturday. Really both should be paper weights by now. I am surprised how they came back to life.

It may have something to do with what I did once they got wet.

First I removed the batteries and kept them out. (I should have removed the sim and memory cards at the same time but I didn’t have anywhere to put them other than in my wet pants pocket…) I did remove them when we got home. Next I dried off the phones with a dish towel. Then I used tape and taped them to the front of a room fan. Back facing the fan. I turned the fan on full speed and left them their over night. The first night they were in the back porch. Then after that I had them inside for 2 days. Then I remembered the dehumidifier… One day on it and a charge and away the S3 went. The BB was fine after the 3 days on the fan.

Jasmine and I went to race the sailboat tonight. We won! By default! No one else showed up to race. There were a few other boats out but they looked to be pleasure sailors.

The boat worked fine and I even let Jasmine sail while we were running down wind. She almost has the concentration thing down. Almost. We did get off course a couple times. I even let her do an accidental jibe so she could see how violent it is. She was quite surprised… I made her sail the rest of the way back after that. She paid more attention.

I just got finished a webinar on YouTube. It was for the new PowerDirector 14 video editing software I have. It was informative. I even learned some stuff.

I’m really glad I got the software I did. It does a ton of cool stuff. It is so easy a guy like me or a trained monkey could use it. I’m currently editing a video about the Pumpkin regatta. I hope to have it done and up tomorrow or Friday.

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