One down, one to go.

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The BlackBerry is working fine. I’m not sure why. The case it is in doesn’t protect it against water intrusion at all. If anything it helps hold water close to the phone for longer. I have been out in the heavy rain with it and it has gone and done some crazy stuff in the past. Things like when you touch one part of the screen a button on another part is depressed… Or when you try to answer a call it won’t or it answers and puts the call on hold while not letting you take hold off… Not handy at all.

I have the BB charging right now. The S3 is still acting a little damp so I am going to hang it in front of the dehumidifier in the basement until tomorrow and try it again. (I may leave it there until I remember it again… That could be a few days because it is in the basement. I don’t like going to that part of the basement because I hit my head on the joists. And being a bald guy… It leaves a mark.)

The Otter Box case I have for the S3 is called the commuter. It’s not the one that is truly water proof. It’s the one that hip city guys like me use just to look cool. Readers of this blog may recall last year when I got the S3 to use when on the boat instead of the BB. I got it after I had gone swimming when launching the boat with my BB attached to my hip. That day I realized right away that the phone was on me and I pulled it off quickly and put it on the deck of the boat. Once I had the boat at the dock I took the phone apart and let it dry in the car. Followed by letting it sit on the heat register for a couple days. It has worked fine since.

The S3 I picked up for $50 and considered it to be kind of disposable. After using it for a while I liked it more than the BB. So I gave Heidi the BB and I used the S3 all the time. That is until I got my latest phone this spring. The LG G4.

It has a fake Otter Box case on it… It is no where near water proof. But it looks cool!

The case is really just in case I drop the phone. It has a rubber shell that is mostly covered by a hard plastic shell.

I hope to get out on the boat tomorrow after I pick up the girls. Less than 2 weeks left in the season and I want to get all the sailing in that I can.


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