The video worked!

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As I type I think I am uploading a video to YouTube. (I think I am…) Not really sure if I am or not…

It was daddy daughter dinner tonight. I picked up Jasmine from school. I went and said hi to Heidi when I was their. She was supervising a dig the kindergarten kids were doing. Yes a dig. One with shovels and a hole in the ground. That type of dig. The hole was only about 18” deep when I came by.

The kids at the London Waldorf School don’t have fancy plastic and rubber coated steel play equipment like you typically find in school yards. They have logs, dirt, sand and things built of logs. None of that so safe it’s not fun play stuff. If a kid falls off a log there’s a chance that they can break something. One grade 4 kid broke a leg last year falling off a log. Their fine now.

So for dinner Jasmine and I had burgers and sausages. Heidi will be proud. Real vegetables were used in the production of the condiments. Tomatoes in the Ketchup, Mustard seed in the mustard and cucumbers in the relish. Not to mention the buns being full of grain products… The burgers and sausages were good. Perfectly BBQ’d by myself.

I got  a call from Knoal (Not his real name.) tonight. He needed a hand getting a toilet feed line. The one he had was too short and he doesn’t drive so going to the hardware store is a little difficult. Jasmine was across the street at a friends house so I went over and asked if she could stay for a few minutes while I popped off to the hardware store. I did just that and drove to the job site and dropped off the hose. What took me 20 min would have taken Knoal about 2 hours to walk and bus.

Every year Knoal and I go to the Woodstock Wood Show. This year I can’t make it. It has just crazy hours of operation. 10 am to 5 pm. That’s it…. Fri, Sat, Sun. No later than 5 pm… Who can got to these things before 5 on a Friday…? I would think that by staying open later than 5 on Fri and Sat would bring in more people. That’s more $ if it does… Oh well. I may try to get to the Hamilton one this Feb. instead. Link:

The video worked! Here it is:

It’s the first thing I have edited with my new Power Director 14 software. I like how it works! I still have a ton of stuff to learn but that is easy enough. They have video tutorials for almost everything! Also webinars that I can take part in each month. (I may this month if I can find the time after the boat is out of the water.) I was playing with the audio software the other day and have “kind of” mixed some tracks that I want to use for background music. I still have to learn how to fit it all together yet though. In the meantime I think I will just buy a song off ITunes and use it for now. Moog from MCM (On YouTube) has some really nice stuff that can be used if properly credited. Thanks Moog!

I talked to my mom tonight and have made arrangements to have her look after Jasmine on Saturday while Heidi and I race the sailboat. I will drop Jasmine off at 9am and mom is going to come to London at 5:30 for the turkey dinner at the yacht club. It should be a good time. I’m going to get Jasmine interested in mushrooms and hopefully have her and mom go out looking for some wild ones that I know grow around the trailer park in the woods.


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