Everyone smiles when they think about their ears.

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I got the notice of regatta today for the Pumpkin Regatta at Fanshawe Yacht Club. It’s this weekend. I will be sailing with Heidi on Saturday and I’m not sure who on Sunday. Heidi can’t make it Sunday. If you are interested go to fyc.on.ca for info and forms. It’s always been a good regatta. Saturday there’s a turkey dinner too! Mmm turkey. I’m looking forward to that.

Today was Taco Tuesday. So we had tacos. Heidi and I made them. She prepped the veg and I cooked the meat. Ground chicken with an onion and a couple grated carrots. Jasmine likes it so I’m going to keep putting the veg into the meat mix. I have to admit that I like it that way as well. It seems to be more hearty.

Today was a big day for Jasmine. She got a haircut and had her ears pierced! She has been asking about the ear piercing for a few years now. Can I get my ears pierced…. Please…

Well on the way home from the wedding she asked again. (Persistence pays off!) Heidi finally said yes! Yes you can have your ears pierced if you really really want to. (Heidi justified this decision on how well Jasmine behaved on the weekend. She was really good and didn’t complain when there was nothing for kids to do at the wedding. We kept getting comments from strangers at the wedding about how well behaved she was… (We must be doing something right…)

So after we indoctrinated her that she was a big girl now and had to live up to big girl standards we took her to the mall. Heidi and I don’t like the mall. It’s like a foreign environment for us. I personally can only take about 30 min and I’ve had enough. Heidi used to work in the mall so she can take it a little more. I think for me it’s that it is so pretentious. (Note: I’m a Yacht Club Member saying this!.) I know the yacht club is more down to earth. (that could be the thing. No natural environment. Just glitz and glitter. And $$$$$$$$$$

Jasmine got a Bob hair cut. Me being bald doesn’t give me any permissions to comment on any hair styles. But her haircut looks good. After the haircut it was off to the piercing place. Not the one that does tattoos as well. The one in the mall that sells hair clips, earrings, and frilly stuff that I have no idea of the purpose of.

Heidi signed the forms in triplicate and some girl poked holes in Jasmine’s ears with a fancy stamp thing. It was over in 30 seconds. (The paper work and the care instructions took 45 minutes… )

Jasmine is so happy. She can’t help smiling when she thinks about her ears. (Everyone smiles when they think about their ears.) Try it….


I made a video about the experience and have edited it. I am having trouble loading it to YouTube but should have it rendered and up by tomorrow.


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