Yes the seeley eyed librarian gave me a new library card!

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I got it! Yes the seeley eyed librarian gave me a new library card! She also charged me $2 for it!

I was going to a all candidates meeting at the Wolf performance hall tonight for 7pm. It’s part of the Central library downtown. So since I was dressed nicely and 10 minutes early I thought I’d give trying to get a new library card a try.

I walked into the library and stood at the front of the lane. Nice and tall. No one was behind the desk… (Probably watching my posture on video surveillance from in the back.) I just stood their with a nice smile and waited patiently. Then she appeared in a puff of smoke. How can I help you she said while staring right through me. I said good evening. Can you help me. I have lost my library card. She just stared for what seemed like an eternity… Then she said can I see some photo ID… Of course you can. Will my driver’s license suffice? She said yes. So I gave it to her.

She looked at it closely and memorized the signature for what was to come. There is a $2 replacement fee for the card.

Oh I see here…. (Never a good thing to hear from any person in a library!) You have an outstanding late fine of $2. Can I take care of that now I asked shyly.

She said of course… Then she grabbed the computer screen and wrenched it around in my direction and said. Is that all correct? I said yes.

Then she tried to get rid of me… I see you home branch is Cherry Hill… I replied That is the closest to my house. However I don’t like going their. It’s full of old people. (It’s surrounded with retirement apartments.) The lines take too long at Cherry Hill. She smiled.

She then made me sign the back of the card while she watched… I guess I did Ok because she let me keep it! She even validated my parking when I asked! So I got free parking for the small fee of $4.

After I ran from the library I went to the hall that the meeting was to take place in and found the doors locked… # other people were there for the meeting as well… Somehow we didn’t get the right information. Hmm. Email scandal…?

I’ve been playing more with the video editing software and am really liking the program.

It’s very easy to use and you can do complicated things easily. I thought that I would practice on the stock I took at the aquarium before I got to the wedding stuff. It’s going well. I’m about ½ done and need to upload more videos into the program to continue. I’ll do that tomorrow.


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