They didn’t tell me that I was the photographer…

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So there was a wedding yesterday. I think I mentioned something about it in yesterday’s blog post… Here is the rest of what happened…

Before the wedding I dropped the girls off and hung out in an empty English pub and played with the new Video editing software. When I was playing and after I had taken things up to the room I noticed that something was missing.

Coleman! My little sock monkey buddy. He was still back at the Radisson hotel! I was at the Old Mill about 30 min away. And I didn’t have an hour plus to go get him. (Jasmine made him for me when she was 4. Yes she could sew at 4!)

So I called the hotel and left a message for housekeeping to please save him. I told them that that they could call me and arrange something to get him back. I left it like that until I was speaking with Heidi. She said… Forget about him! (How could I have married such a heartless woman!) I said… Never! Then I got on the phone again to the Radisson. This time to the front desk. Luckily the lady remembered us checking out. I told her my friends were checking in any time and that the hotel could just give Coleman to them. Then I sent a txt to my buddy Aidan and his wife Wendy. They thought I was joking… However after many txt they said that they would get him for me.

Wedding time. 4:55pm I go into the chapel with my camera, bag and extra tripod. I’m told by the reverend that their was a professional photographer and that no pictures are to be taken during the ceremony…. But I was supposed to Skype call a friend In Thailand!!! for the couple… The reverend said. Oh you must be the photographer… I said… Sure.

So I set up my tripod off to the side at the front. (I didn’t know I was supposed to do this…) I did tell them that I would take video of the ceremony but I thought I would get the typical guest view from behind… They didn’t tell me that I was the photographer…

So having set up I just stood up front during the whole thing. I Skyped our friend Leona in Thailand through the whole thing. She on the LG G3 was in my left hand while I ran and moved the camera/ tripod with the right. It worked out really well. My first professional wedding shoot. Leona told me that it felt like she was there in the chapel. People I didn’t know came up to me afterwards and referred to me as the photographer in conversation. People that know me told me I looked really professional and like I knew what I was doing… Some lady asked me how long I’ve been a photographer…

LOL! I have a $10 tripod from some junk shop in a flea market. My Canon PowerShot S5 cost me $40 with the bag, 8 gig card and 8 new Duracell batteries. The other tripod I have, the Chinese knock off of a Gorilla flexible tripod was $8 from China. The head mount on it was $15 from Kijiji. I was wearing a nice suit though. That’s probably what did it. I look good in it. Really!

After the ceremony we all went to have pictures of the guests on the big stairs of the hotel… I missed this somehow…(Chatting with well dressed strangers.) Then it was off to the reception dinner. I took some video then too. Stuff like the wedding party entering the room. Some of the speeches. (Heidi’s) and I did a walk around of the hotel with the video running. Just the nice parts like the gardens, fancy places, etc.

I took Jasmine up to the room about 11:30 and we caught up on Casey Neistat videos. (Check him out! He does some great stuff on YouTube. Daily Vlogs that kick butt! I would love to do video work like that.) Hmm maybe that is why I got a video editing software package… (It’s why I got the Chinorilla tripod.)

Heidi got back to the room about 1:30 after helping clean up the hall.

Today we all slept in. 10 am slept in! Heidi and Jasmine wanted to go get breakfast. They got to the restaurant just before they were closing. (2 min before.) The restaurant was great. They gave the girls take out boxes and said got to town and take whatever you want. So they filled the boxes and came back to the room and shared. I stayed back to have a shower and was surprised when they arrived with the food. I ended up having smoked salmon on a dark rye bread that had seeds in it with Gouda cheese and thinly sliced lightly pickled onions. I also had some fruit. Not bad for a complimentary breakfast!

By contrast the Radisson had scrambled eggs (Good ones too! Soft and squishy. Mmm) Sausages, and home fries, along with 3 types of bread to toast, BB, Jam, 5 different dry cereals and Oatmeal on demand. I thought I was in heaven when I opened the steam tray and saw those soft squishy scrambled eggs! They were the type out of a bag too! Made to perfection! (Ever had those hard dry scrambled eggs… Yea. None of that at the Radisson!) Everything else was great too!

We packed up and I took the stuff to the car. Their was some type of African wedding going on across the river in the park. So I walked down to the bridge and took a look. It was interesting. The bride stood alone in the middle of the park on some pedestal. She looked to be 9’ tall! All the women that attended wore white dresses with white woven or crocheted shawls over their heads like a head scarf. I didn’t get to see a lot of it because Heidi came looking for me. My presence was requested by the bride and groom.

Heidi had got up to there room to give them our gift and drop off Paula’s shoes…I don’t know how she got them? They wanted to thank me for videotaping the wedding. So I told them it was no problem and that I would give them an edited copy when they returned from Italy in 4 weeks. (That gives me time to figure out the new program.)

We took off around 1 pm and just hit the highway for home. Traffic was good all the way.

once home Jasmine had to go play with her friends down the street. Heidi needed a nap. And I needed charcoal and meat. I went shopping and got what chicken legs, charcoal and other stuff we need for the week. I lit the charcoal when I got home and marinated the chicken. Chopped beets and carrots to roast on the BBQ and got to it.

On Thursday Jasmine and the neighbor girl decide to have all the girls on the street over to watch Shaun the Sheep at our house… They even made posters and distributed them to all the girls on the street… So at 6:30 we had a house full of little girls and they had a blast.

I would have liked to go sailing but Heidi needed help with crowd control. So I ended up being the only boy at the girls party again.

True to life. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

I got a txt this morning that operation save Coleman had been a success! They now were holding him ransom though! they will keep him until we come over for dinner next! I sent a txt back thanking them and offering to bring burgers for tonight. Heidi thinks that was a little too fast so I said any day this week except Wed or the weekend. (I’m Sailing.)

I’m relieved that Coleman is safe and in the hands of new captors. I plan to write a nice letter to the head of the Radisson Hotel chain about our experience with their service. And the beds! Wow were they great! I think it’s time for a new one for Heidi and I now.


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