Oil leak.

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I fixed a oil leak on the SAAB today. It was leaking from around the CPS that I Installed last week. I noticed that it was leaking a little while I was parked at a stoplight. Smoke would come out from under the hood. It smelt like burning oil… Or half burnt oil in this case.

It was dripping onto the exhaust pipe. Not a good thing… Because oil does burn… I use synthetic oil in the SAAB because that is what the manufacturer calls for. Good reason too. It has a high flash point. Higher than conventional oil. This being a Turbo car the oil shouldn’t be old dino oil. That stuff burns much easier. It also gets burnt in the engine… It turns to carbon chunks like coffee grinds.

Those coffee grind chunks clog the oil pick up and can starve the engine for oil. That is a bad thing! First thing to go is the main rod bearings on #3 cylinder… Then it’s #4 and then it’s all over.

It doesn’t take long to go from a knocking to a big clunk and no working.

I didn’t loose much oil. 250-300ml maybe. That’s not much.

I had to remove the CPS and apply gasket sealant to it and the rubber O ring to get it to quit leaking. Just the rubber O ring should have been enough to stop any leaking but it didn’t for some reason. It ripped part of the rubber O ring off when I tightened it down originally. It shouldn’t do that. The CPS only goes in one way… And that is what caused the leak. The ripped O ring…

I went to the yacht club to race after supper today. No one was there… Well 2 other guys. Brian and John. John had his small trimaran out and was playing around.

While I rigged the boat and made a video of doing so Brian came over and chatted with me. I asked him if he wanted to come out with me. He said sure, So off we  went. We almost got out of the mooring field before the wind died… It stayed dead too. So we drifted along mostly going forward but sometimes going sideways with the slow lake current. I had to use the outboard motor to get us back into the dock.

After we put the boat away we went over to the gabians and removed the cement forms for one of them. I didn’t bring any tools and all Brian had was a an adjustable crescent wrench… The wrench got the nuts loose on the threaded rod so we could break them the rest of the way off.

So now there is one concrete pad that we couldn’t take apart that still has the from on it.



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