I think 12 batteries is a good number.

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I booked our hotel for the weekend last night and called back today and canceled one night. Heidi was talking to the bride and found out that we have a special deal at another hotel. $250 per night less expensive!  (Yes for one night!) So I canceled the one and booked the other. It means that we have to change hotels on Saturday. I’m good with that to save $250. So now we will spend that saved $250 at tourist stuff in downtown Toronto. We have the afternoon on Friday to do stuff before the rehearsal and all day Saturday before the wedding.

We plan to go downtown Friday night and see the sights with Jasmine. I think she will be surprised with all the people that are not sleeping. She has been to Toronto before but never out at night. I think she will like it. I know I do.

Today I sold my Graco HVLP paint sprayer. I go it a week before Jasmine was diagnosed with Leukemia. Plans changed after that. A lot! It has been sitting in one of my sheds at the shop for 5+ years now. In the way of course… So it was time to go. I don’t think I’ll ever have use for it in the future. Not contracting and all… If I do need one for a project I can borrow a buddies or rent one from the paint store. I still have my accounts at different stores. (Why pay retail…?)

The sprayer went o t a cabinet maker. It is perfect for his application. I had numerous chances to sell it in the past but everyone that wanted it wanted to paint walls with it… (They didn’t do any research.) It’s not that type of machine. it’s for fine finishes. Not walls.

I explained it to one guy this way. He owns a body shop that fixes and paints cars. I told him that it would be equivalent to him painting the walls with his automotive spray guns. I told him that he could paint cars with it if he wanted but the amount of paint waist would be higher than his small guns. He thanked me and decided to rent an airless sprayer from the paint store.

I picked up 12 rechargeable batteries for my camera along with a charger. I can plug it into the wall or the car. That is super handy. If I ever need a quick charge out in the wild I can use the car.

I think 12 batteries is a good number. My camera takes 4 AA batteries and I get about 30 min of video + or – out of a set. I don’t do huge shoots so I think 3 sets plus an extra emergency Duracell set will suffice. Duracell because they hold there charge for a long long time.

I have seen a couple videos on YouTube on charging non-rechargeable batteries and think I’m going to give it a try. Don’t try that at home folks! It can cause explosions and fires. Blindness too! (Search on YouTube if you want to know how to do it.)

I have noticed that Jasmine is really into school lately. Probably because it just started back up again. The other day she wrote SHEEP on the bathroom door with chalk. (Our door to the bathroom and to the basement have chalkboard paint on them facing into the kitchen. It’s so we can write things on them. Groceries, to do, songs, etc.) We let Jasmine use the bottom panels of each door to do what she wants with. She wrote SHEEP while I was shaving… I don’t know if there’s any significance to that or not. I think it is because she can’t get enough of Shaun the Sheep videos. She loves that sheep.

It’s funny I remember going to see Wallace and Gromit when I was in college and just loving the claymation. The dog Gromit was pretty cool too. Shaun the Sheep is done by the same claymation team. The dog looks a lot like Gromit too.


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