Passing of a mentor.

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I found out today that someone I respect follow on line passed away on Saturday. His name was Scott Dinsmore. He ran Live Your Legend. It is a website that inspires people to do what they love. (I’m a local Live Your Legend organizer in London Ont.) He died doing what he loved. Living life to the fullest. He and his wife were 8 months into a year long round the world trip. He was killed by a rock slide on Mount Kilimanjaro. He will be greatly missed by a lot of people around the world.

Scott’s passing has made me think. Now I’m going back to my 5 year plan to go over the things I have done and the things I haven’t completed. I have accomplished a lot! But not all that I wanted to by this time. So I will have to adjust and find out where I can improve and go from there. I’ll do some of that over the weekend and hope to have a new plan of action by next weekend.

The car is running great. I’m glad it is. I don’t like unreliability in a vehicle or outboard motor.

It rained today and I got caught out in it for a little bit. It was one of those refreshing light rains that you don’t mind being caught in. It cools you off more than gets you soaked.

I went and emptied the trailer today. Rick the guy that cuts my lawn had filled it again with cuttings from the bushes. Not just my bushes but the neighbor’s bushes too. That’s fine. I made a deal with him. He was supposed to help unload it though… I couldn’t find him when I was there though… That’s fine too. It just costs him a little more. He’ll soon be paying me to cut the grass.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at the Yacht club. Chris the guy that is in charge of the docks convinced me to help make concrete forms for the south docks. The forms are to go around gambians that are full of rubble. Gambians are big wire baskets that have rocks in them. We plan to build forms around the two gambians that the ramps to the new docks sit on. That will make a landing or platform that is level at the end of the ramp. Now the gambians are on an angle that tips toward the lake. We hope to fix that with the concrete.

The gambians are a permanent thing that will stay in the lake over winter. (I hope they stay put.) They are just sitting on the bottom of the lake held in place by gravity. They are big and heavy. 7x4x4’. I hope they don’t move with the winter ice. It is very destructive when it gets floating around during break up in the spring.

I will be bringing the tools and Jasmine to supervise the work. I think she will probably just run around and talk to the ground hogs. I know she will keep busy.


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