Wheels again!

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I had another fun ride on the bus today. I got the #13 going downtown and got off at a coffee shop. I got on the next #13 that came along 15 min later. Perfect timing. Enough time to stand in line and get coffee and get back to the bus stop. I didn’t know if that would work before I did it.

I took a cab from the village to the parts store. The store is in an industrial area and no buses go near there. The closest I could google was still a 20 min walk to get to the store.

I took the cab all the way back to the shop. I figures what I could save in time traveling it would be worth it. It only took 35 min total to go from the village to the parts store and to the shop. That saved me 2 hours bus and foot travel.

The part store was great. They made me a new invoice for the return that I signed and printed a new one for the new part. So I now have another year warranty on this part! Yea. (Thanks Benson.) I’m going to keep this receipt in that car instead of the garage where the old receipt is.

I recorded a video that I will edit and put onto YouTube while working on the car. It shouldn’t have too many interruptions.

I first had to find the bolt the that  I dropped on the gravel drive yesterday. Surprisingly it wasn’t hard to find. I cleaned off the area that the sensor was to fit with a rag and stuck it in the hole. The I put the bolt in and tightened it up. Plugged it in and I was done. A total of 10 minutes work.

I noticed that I have a missing exhaust manifold bolt when I was working on the CPS. That’s not a good thing. I think the bolt is broken off and still in the head.

Next thing I will need to do is remove and replace it. I have an extractor kit and I’ve done it before with the other car. It’s not that hard either. It does require some precision when drilling the old bolt  out. Then it’s just inserting an Easy Out in the hole and twisting it backwards.

Rick loaded the utility trailer again with branches and leafs. I need the trailer on Saturday to build forms at the yacht club. I’ll empty the trailer tomorrow.


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