The secret to having a soft wet pasta salad…

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I got the tools out of the car and put away today. I’m still sore but not as bad as last night.

Jasmine and I took Bad Dog 1 and Bad Dog 2 for a long walk this morning. We went behind the Seminary and down by the Thames River. We took the wooded trails. (The dirt and root ones.) The dogs have never been in anything like that before. Bad Dog 1 while being afraid of the river was very curious and wanted to smell everything else. It also wanted to chaise leaves. I had to hold the leash up a few times to stop it from running full tilt to the end of the leash. Heel!

Bad Dog 2 (The little one. Little, like smaller than a guinea pig.) didn’t know what to do. She shook with fear a lot of the time but followed along with Jasmine controlling the leash. She did keep up in the woods but slowed down on the paved bike path on the way back… Something ain’t right with that one’s thinking. All in I think we walked about 4km. Not very far for me but far for the dogs. We all made it back safely.

Jasmine had a birthday party to attend at 1:15 so we dropped her off at it. It was in Byron. A suburb of London. It’s on the furthest south west side of the city. After dropping Jasmine off Heidi and I went out for coffee and relaxed for a bit. After coffee we went to get groceries. We went to a store near Byron. It’s one that we don’t typically go to because it is so far away. I told Heidi that it was the favorite grocery store of one of my old girl friends. After shopping a while Heidi told me that she could see why my ex liked to so much. Now It’s one of Heidi’s favorite stores….

I don’t get that. It’s the same as the one that is close to us… The same stuff inside. Almost the same lay out. There was no customer service to be had… (It’s a discount type of store that has higher prices than where we usually shop…) I don’t get it.

After shopping we went for a walk in Springbank park. We had a bit of time to kill before picking Jasmine up. It’s London’s biggest public park. Nice too.

I made and posted a couple videos I made. Here:

I like the new video editing software I got. I’m catching on quickly to how it works. There are a few things I still need to learn but I don’t see that as a stumbling block. One of the things is and introduction at the start of a video. That should be simple enough. It’s simply making some short video that I put text over and use it to start each video.

The other is music… I’m not sure of the licensing thing yet. I will use other people’s music so I need to figure out how to ask to use it and credit them. (I’ll look on YouTube for answers to that.)

Tonight I BBQ’d a chicken. It was amazing. I also made a chicken pasta salad for tomorrow and I used the bones to make a pot of stock. We make a lot of stock out of chicken bones. It is so handy to have around. I used ¼ cup of it in the pasta salad today… (That’s the secret to having a soft wet pasta salad. If you just use mayo it drys out.) Try it!


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