New dock stairs!

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After a couple extra strength Tylenol I’m still sore.

I took the utility trailer to the yard waste depot to day and emptied it. Rick the guy that cuts my grass went a little wild and trimmed every bush, shrub, tree and flower I own. Then he filled the trailer with the trimmings. It emptied pretty quickly. He has caught onto the idea of putting the long branches on the bottom of the trailer. Then I can just pull on them and the whole load comes out at once.

After the waist depot I went to pick up the wood someone gave me from a construction site. It was 5 14’ 2×8’s 5 14’ 2×6. It’s all used. It used to be part of the deck out back of a house in the village that is being renovated. This place is going through a huge transformation. First they put on a big addition. Then they gutted the house. Really gutted. No floors or joists. They are starting from scratch inside and once that is done they will change the old outside to match the new addition. It will look great once they finish!

From their I came home and picked up tools and went to the yacht club. I set up a work area on the ramp to the main dock and got to work. Here is the video:

I installed a landing first. It’s one of the 4×6’ decks I got a few weeks back. from there I tried to put another deck off the end of it but 7” lower. I didn’t like the height of the 2nd deck so I built a set of 5 stairs and installed them off the first deck. I placed the other deck at the bottom of those 5 stairs and still need to do some more work to install it properly. I have it in temporarily now. It’s on an angle so I screwed some of the 2×8’s across it to stop people from slipping if it is wet. I’m not sure just how I am going to go with it yet. I may have it length ways or I could go sideways if that leaves a better connection to the lower stairs.

I was running short on time and I had a headache. The headache was caused by the Blue Green Algae that was blown by the NNW wind directly towards my dock. It was nasty smelling today! So I cleaned up and went to the clubhouse to clean myself up.

At the clubhouse I got see the award presentation for the PDRacer regatta that was today. Mike Moore won it again! I think that is 5 years running now.

Once home I showered and took Tylenol. It’s not helping much. I am sore all over from lugging those stairs and decks around. I still haven’t emptied the tools out of the car yet. Tomorrow if I feel better.


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