Adult pizza again. Or getting kids to eat anchovies.

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I picked up Jasmine after school today. I had planned on getting Heidi too but I forgot that she didn’t have to work this morning. Funny I dropped them both off at school this morning… Heidi walked home and went back for her afternoon shift with her bike. So she rode her bike home.

I drove home with Jasmine. Traffic is just crazy now with the University and college kids back in the city. They add something like 40000+ population to London every fall. That makes a huge difference driving anywhere near the University or College. We live near the University. My shop is on the same road as the University. The traffic can make my 5-7 min drive to the shop more like 30+ min! It’s faster for me to go through downtown and go South of my shop and get to it that way than try and get to it more directly from the North! On a bike it is always 7 minutes but you have to do some sidewalk riding for a little bit though this time of year. It’s just safer that way.

Jasmine and I got home and I had a quick shower and changed. Then off to walk Sparky and sparky. We only got 3 houses away by the time Heidi rode past us on her way home. Jasmine and I continued on our round the block walk. The big own really did well compared to last weekend. No pulling on the leash unless it was to smell a tree. That’s a huge improvement!

The squirt bottle is working well as a deterrent to jumping up and barking too. Well worth the $1.25!

I ordered pizza from Piearo’s for the Waldorf picnic and we went to pick it up by going through downtown. (It’s about 10 blocks south of the shop.) We got the 4 pizzas and drove to Gibbons park via downtown again. Toppings were: Broccoli and Feta, Anchovies and red onions,  Mushrooms and Onions, and Garlic and Tomatoes. All kid pleasers! We left for the park always skirting the congested area of Oxford and Wharncliffe which is the middle of where we would drive through any other time of year. It’s faster to go around the chaos.

It started raining when I picked up the pizza and continued until about 9pm. The picnic went on anyway! They love that. I remember loving it when I was a kid. Someone brought a soccer ball and a bunch played that while a bunch climbed trees and others ran around the marked out track on the grass.

I stood around and chatted with other parents. About half the time we were doing that out in the rain. I made a quick video of the event. Here:

We had a lovely time hanging out with all the other Waldorf family’s.

When we got home Heidi took off with the car to look for a birthday present for one of Jasmine’s friends. (BD party Sunday afternoon.) I set up the new drill press in the garage. I was hoping that it would fit where I had the old one but the base is about 3” to long to fit behind the 4” vice I have installed on the workbench. So I came up with another solution. I put it somewhere else… I have an old rolling cabinet that used to be our TV and entertainment stand in the living room. I  have it beside the workbench so I cleared a spot on top of it and put it there for now. It fits nicely. It’s about twice the size of the old drill press. Much more beefy too. Big motor and heavy castings.

I really had to work to get it up on the stand by myself. Tomorrow I am going to get rid of yard waste to clean the utility trailer out. Then I’m off to that job site in the village to get the wood for my dock stairs I mentioned the other day. I’ll drop it off at the yacht club for a later date. If I can swing it I may get some of my stairs built tomorrow… Lets hope!


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