Almost learnd it.

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I figured out the video editing software after watching another couple videos on how to use it.

Odd but each video except one started off with how to download the program from the website. That took about 3 min of each video… Most of the videos I found were only 6 min long… So as a consequence they only kind of went into one thing and touched on a few others…?

No idea why that is. Perhaps they just wanted to pump out another hot to video. Then on to the next.

I’m happy with the software so far and have made 3 videos now. 2 last night and one today. Here is my 2nd video from last night. I just watched it and part is missing… I guess I have more learning to do…

The part that is missing is another video made by my phone. I attached it last night and edited it down but it didn’t seem to come out in the wash after the whole thing was formatted…? I’m not sure what I did there… I could have saved it as a different type of file.. Or who knows…

Back to the drawing board.

The dogs are learning lots. Right now they are sleeping. One under the desk beside me and the other on a chair. The big one is even getting used to walking on a leash and not dragging whoever walks her. That’s a huge improvement! They don’t jump up at the table or bark at meal time either. We’ll see how long that lasts when grandma gets back from vacation.

I got a call today saying that she had made it safe and sound. I forwarded the message onto my brother Reg. I also sent him a photo of Jasmine and the dogs curled up on the chair in the living room.

Tomorrow is race day. I hope to be at the front of the pack for part of the race at least.


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