Dog ownership is over rated.

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And we don’t even own them…

Today in the yard Taffy (The big one.) rolled in some kind of critter poop. Stinky! So she got another bath from Heidi this time. Jasmine and I gave them both baths yesterday. They still stunk… Tomorrow I am going to get some Dawn dish soap. I just read that that makes stinky dogs unstinky in a random google search. It’s worth a try. I don’t much like the dish soap we use now.

We got out sailing around noon today. It was great for sailing too. Windy! 10 gusting 20 km/h. It made for a fun sail with Heidi and Jasmine. They both had a good time.

I’ve given up trying to get Microsoft movie maker to work on my laptop. I downloaded a new program from the web. Avidemux is the name of it. It’s open source and supposedly easy to use. So I have been checking YouTube for Avidemux tutorial editing videos. It looks easy enough.

I took a video editing course in College 20 years ago so I have an idea what I am doing. (More correctly; What I want to do.) The course used video cassettes and a video editing machine with a 36 channel sound board. I know I could use the same thing again and get good results. However now everything is digital and their is a learning curve for me to conquer first.

I’ve looked at 5 tutorials so far and it looks like I have some figuring out to do on my own.

I have used the YouTube editor before but found it lacking what I want to do. I need to be able to cut apart chunks of video and stitch them together. The YouTube editor doesn’t want to let me do that for some reason. I could be using it wrong too…

Some day I am going to have to break down and get a dedicated professional program to use. It’s not in the budget right now though. So I’ll use the free stuff for now.

When we were at the yacht club there were other people out sailing! 5 other boats! That is different than usual. Usually we are either alone or there may be one other boat out. Tomorrow is Back to School for Jasmine and work/school for Heidi. I think Heidi is more wound up than Jasmine about going back. She had a hard year last year. This year looks more promising.

Jasmine has been looking forward to going back for a few weeks now.

Me. I’m same old, same old.


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