A surprising good start.

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We survived camping at grandma’s.

We had a good time. Saw the old car show… To preface: One of the old cars was a 2009 Mustang… Huh?

Let’s touch on the old ones. All these old cars were “restored” or in some process of “restoration”. I’ve never seen such bad “restoration work” before. (This from a guy that painted his 87 Honda Civic Hatchback safety yellow with a brush and roller….!) Wow! Some (0ver 50%) of the cars were done really poorly. It was like Bill the retired accountant restored his first car without any instruction. No training. No watching YouTube videos on “How To”. No reading the can of paint for instructions… Nothing!

The town of Embro had it’s two new firetrucks there on show too.

We toured around the park on the golf cart with grandma and ended up going to the petting zoo to check out the animals. It was a nice ride around and the animals are always fuzzy and look at you funny.

When we returned to the trailer Jasmine and I got ready and went to the community pool. I chose the community pool over the private heated pool because it was hot out. I didn’t want to get into the hot tub pool for the old folks. I wanted to cool off. The pool was busy. And it got more busy just before we left for the trailer. I was told that the park had more than 2000 people booked. I sure didn’t see any empty campsites as we toured around in the golf cart. Even the new area that opened this year was full. It holds an extra 70 sites over last years total.

For supper we had burgers and corn on the cob. After supper I started a fire and we had roasted marshmallows and roasted weenies.

Jasmine mad me go to bed at 10 with her in the tent. I think she thought I would keep the monsters away or something of the sort. I did feel something crawling under the tent a couple times as I blogged and then again after when I was trying to sleep.

When I took the tent down this morning I found mouse tunnels under the tent where my head was… They were lucky mice not to get squished.

We took the dogs home with us. They behaved while in the car and have done better than I had expected at our house. They still don’t come when called only 5 times. It takes the 6th or 7th to get them to turn towards you. We have been out on many walks and the big one likes to pull at the leash. I think by tomorrow I may have her cured of that. Suffice to say, she has heard the word heel many times.

As I type they are sleeping on Jasmines bed with her. We put them all to bed at 8:30 and haven’t heard a peep or bark from the room… Good start.


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