1′ bolt bonfire.

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Google is being a little funny again today… Seems to work now though. Didn’t 1 min ago…

I went to Laurie’s Fasteners today looking for an adapter for the lathe. They told me the thing does not exist… So I got a bolt that has the outer dimension and the correct thread count. 1”x8 threads. If all else fails I can drill out the 1” bolt and tap it to the 3/4x 16 thread. I also ordered a bunch (6) vinyl keel lock down bolts. 3 for me and 3 for someone else that has a Siren 17. He can’t find the same thing near him so I am going to send him 3 as well as a couple sets of rubber washers.

I went by the shop today to pick up my utility trailer. I have some wood in it I want to get rid of and since it’s the long weekend I thought that it would be nice to have a bonfire at the yacht club.

We made pizza for supper tonight and right after went to the club to relax and sit around the fire.

It unfortunately was one of those days that the wind doesn’t know which way to come from…

Fanshawe Lake is known for it’s shifty winds. It has to do with the S shape of the lake and the combination of bluffs that surround it. Both of those things make sailing here a little tricky. If you can read the wind on the water while sailing you are in good shape. If not you can be caught off guard and slowed down. A lot. It’s happened to me many times.

A couple weeks back in the club championship regatta I changed tack but not my line of travel 4 times. That because the light wind was all over the place. I chose a line that no one else did and I beat the fleet to the mark in my Siren 17. The rest of the fleet went in a different wind line on the water and stayed on one tack as well. They didn’t change their line of travel or tack with their sails like I had to.

Well the wind tonight for our bonfire was going in circles. You couldn’t sit anywhere or you would be overtaken by smoke. The girls got tired of moving all the time and went for a walk while I watched the fire. I just walked in circles around the fore to avoid the smoke. We did have a nice time. It’s always nice to get out to the club and out of the city. Even if the airplanes fly 100’ directly overhead on their approach and take off from the airport. It’s a bit loud but you get to see the underside of alot of airplanes.

Tomorrow I take Jasmine out to my moms trailer in the woods. We are going to camp in her yard again. It’s fun to get out and take the tent for a daddy daughter car camp trip.

I’m hoping next year to take her on overnight sail boat trips. The tent is just a primer of that.


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