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I picked up a chuck from the shop today for my new lathe. Turns out that it has the wrong size threads for this lathe. So I’m going to try to find an adapter for it. I’ll look on EBay first. I use EBay as a search tool a lot of times. it’s great for finding what you think you want. Especially if you don’t know if such a thing exists. Like a ¾” 16 t/” to 1” 8t/” adapter. (Just checked… May be a little tougher than I thought.) I will also call Laurie’s Fasteners and ask them. They will be able to find one if one exists. All this is so I can use the chuck and face plates that I already have.

The other option is to buy all new face plates and a chuck. I’m trying to avoid that.

When I was at the shop I did a little more to the fence. I added the top rail. I had to cut the posts to length first. So I eyeballed them and cut with my SawzAll. I think I did a good job of getting them level.

The rail went on pretty easily. I put the top pieces on the posts that hold the poles. They are held on by a friction fit. They are just tight by themselves. Not tight enough for me. So I added a small piece of fence wire to them when I put them on. Now they are very tight. They won’t be coming off without a hammer. I think I’m going to run a metal screw into each just in case someone reefs on them. Who knows…

Last night when I dropped off the trailer some lady was piling boxes by the deck… I asked her what she was doing and she said just leaving some stuff for a bit. I told her politely to leave and take her stuff before I called the police. She left. (What the…..?) I have never seen this lady before! Seems she didn’t read the signs that say this area is under video surveillance. Or she didn’t care… Who knows… Anyway that is one more reason to have a fence where I have it.

The fence will stop people dropping bikes off behind my shed… (At one point 2 different bikes would show up per week… I just took them to the front and leaned them against a telephone pole. The soon disappeared.) As of late I have found shopping carts behind the shed… Some with people’s belongings in them. Some empty. I take them out front too. Just like the bikes they disappear.

Now the fence will be a deterrent to going through the property. Also maybe help stop the leaves from filling my driveway. I still have to run the bottom wire through the fence. I hope to get to that later this week. It shouldn’t take long to install. I just have to figure out how to do it.

I hope the new tenants next door are not like last years. The mother of one of the girls liked to drive through my property to get into the backyard of the house her daughter was renting next door…? Crazy. I guess I’ll find out in the next few weeks what I have for neighbors.

The students are coming back to school already. I can tell from the driving stiles… People doing the stupidest things with their cars… U turns in intersections… And of very busy intersections… Backing up for a block! Going the wrong way on a one way street is too common to really notice…


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