Burning trailer.

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I didn’t find that cat again… Maybe tomorrow.

I got the fence up. Most of it anyway. I stretched it with a tie down ratchet strap and a pair of hand actuated clamps. it went pretty easily. The worst was dropping a nut into the dry leaves.

I only got part up before i had to go home for supper. I had to meet someone at the shop at 6pm so I installed the rest of the chain link and repaired the other fence between the shop and the neighbors house.

I’ve never installed a chain link fence before. It isn’t that hard. I knew it had to be stretched… that’s about all I knew. I didn’t waist any time getting it up.

I had it up in a total time of 1 hour… That’s from rolling it out to attaching it to the posts.

I still need to run the bottom wire and the top rails. They will go on quickly I’m sure. Really how hard can it be?

I picked up a new switch from the shop today. It’s for the lathe power switch.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get in installed.

I took the utility trailer out to the lake with a load of wood. It’s a the old wood from the old trailer I’m getting rid of.

I burnt wood for 2 hours and then came home. I dropped the trailer off at the shop. It’s not empty but it’s got a lot less in it now. One more bond fire and it’s empty.

I talked with my mom tonight .She is going on vacation to Newfoundland on Monday. We are looking after her dogs. So I made arrangements that Jasmine and I would go out on Saturday and stay the night camping. Sunday we will bring the dogs home.

This experiment should prove interesting… I’m not a big fan of dogs. I grew up with them but I don’t like dogs like we had. Untrained and undisciplined…

That’s what we are getting.


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