New tool. Eating healthy.

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Daddy daughter breakfast= Pizza at Piearo’s.

Jasmine and I slept in this morning. She got up around 10:45 and I at 11. I checked my email and someone I had emailed yesterday had got back to me. He was selling a lathe. So off we went.

We went over to the shop and got the trailer and went to his place. I looked at the lathe that had rust and didn’t turn on and offered him $20. We settled at $40. I’ve been looking for a lathe for about a year or so. This one popped up on Kijiji and scooped it up. I’m still looking for a Drill press to replace the one I have now. It’s whipped… It still works but is on it’s very last legs… (I may have found one but won’t know until next week.)

It’s a Craftsman 30” lathe. Someone had let it sit outside in the rain once so it had some surface rust on the bed. The table top that it was attached to was particleboard. It goes kind of crazy when it gets wet. It had got wet and expanded to more than twice the original thickness. It didn’t turn on when buddy went to show me how it worked. I got it anyway. On the way home we stopped for a nutritious brunch of Pizza slices and pop. Mmm. If only Heidi was here. We wouldn’t be eating so late and so well.

We got it home and I took it apart. Their was a reason it didn’t start when buddy plugged it in. The switch is broken. It is either on or grounds out the circuit and blows a breaker. I popped a breaker finding that out. I took the top off because it was about to return to the earth as a dry flaky compost. It also made the whole unit easier to carry. It came with a stand with a shelf and a honking big motor. With the cast iron lathe attached to the top of the stand it is very heavy. Too heavy for me to carry.

I’ll pick up a new switch tomorrow. It’s just a simple household light switch.

I cleaned off all the rust with some PBlaster and sandpaper. Then I oiled the bed so it doesn’t rust again. Chances are pretty good that this will stay in the garage at home or in the big shed at the shop. Both are unheated… So tools can rust if not protected properly. I would put the new lathe in the shop but I have some rearranging to do in their first. That will take some time so it’s best in either the garage of the big shed. The oil I put on the lathe is a temporary solution. I will get some beeswax and melt it in a finishing oil and rub the lathe down with that later. That’s the finish coat.

After I tuned up the lathe it’s good as new. It took about 1 hour to do everything. I still need to install the switch. That will take 2 minutes.

When We got home with the lathe Jasmine took off to play with a couple of he little girls down the street. They went to the park, then swimming and she didn’t get back until 8:30 pm. Their was a little break in between to go pick up Heidi from the market down town. She called from a payphone to say she had returned to the city… I tried to call her numerous times today and go the message system…. Turns out she turned her phone off. Simple enough right. Well she didn’t remember me telling her what the buttons do… And she didn’t bother to push any of them…. Had she, she maybe would have turned it back on by mistake….


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