I have a new blister on my left hand.

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It’s from digging holes with my post hole digger.

We went to the village for coffee this morning. The idea was to go to the chiropractor and we did that but after we went to Black Walnut Cafe for coffee. Jasmine had banana bread and water. It was nice to be in the village early on a Saturday morning. The Walnut wasn’t busy when we arrived but soon filled up as we were finishing our coffee. They have a new cafe downtown that I look forward to going to. It’s only 5 blocks from our house. That makes it very easy to wander down to.

After coffee we went to a couple garage sales in our area. I got Jasmine a folding camp chair. At one sale someone gave her a stuffie dog. She has carried it around all day…

We took Heidi to the bus station so she could go to Toronto for her friends wedding party party thing… I think she will have a great time. Especially just being away from the hubby and kid.

Once we dropped Heidi off we went to Gibraltar Trade Center. I needed to get another piece of rubber as I cut the last piece into washers for the keel swing bolt and lock down bolts. I made 16 sets of 4 and am giving them away to the people that own Siren 17’s. I sent out 6 sets yesterday.

I also wanted to take a look at the flea market. I need a new pocket knife and know that FCS sells them as well as some of the flea market vendors.

I checked a few places and finally came across a guy that just sold spring assisted folding knives. Spring assisted means that their is a spring that helps the blade open. Not a switch blade. More like any pocket knife but a lot easier to open. I found one that I liked at the knife shop and got it. It’s 6.25” long overall, all stainless steel and has a blade that is 2.75”. Not too big. Just perfect for carrying in my pocket. I had been looking on EBay for the style of pocket knife I wanted for a couple weeks. This just has a single blade and is thin.

After the market we went to the shop to see how Rick made out with the holes. He hadn’t done anything since I was there yesterday. So much for tricking someone into digging holes for me. The hole he did start was about 18” deep. I finished it off to 3’ and then dug 3 more 3’ deep. 4 holed in total with my clam shovel.

Once the holes were dug I put the posts in them and added ½ a bag of concrete to each hole. Then I set the poles level. Once level I poured water into each hole. The I filled each hole with the dirt I had taken out. Then leveled them all again. Done! It only took me an hour and a quarter to do all that. Jasmine helped sift through the dirt for old broken china. I put it all back into the holes.

We had burgers for supper. Mostly because Heidi is away. We may have them for breakfast too…

We had a party to go to tonight at 7pm. We got their a little late because I couldn’t find the place. I thought I knew which house it was at but was wrong. After being chased out of someone’s back yard I got a call from my buddy Knoal. (Not his real name.) He told me what house it was at and off Jasmine and I went.

We entered the party by walking down an alley between 2 big houses. It led to another set of door. I opened one and walked in. Didn’t get chased away. This was the place.

What a beautiful back yard this guy has! it is all deck. But it has a roof that surrounds ½ of it around the edges. Everywhere I looked things were well placed and neat. each of 3 corners of the yard had a little sitting area that was beautiful. It all was beautiful!

He even has a music house. That’s a dedicated place to listen to music. It’s a separate house behind the main house.

We had a great time. I got to see a couple of my old college teachers. There was live performances and great conversation.


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