Club Championship.

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Another fun day racing my Siren 17. Today there was wind!

Yes about 5km/h even some gusts of 10km/h. That made for fun sailing.

Our lake is shaped like an S. With North being on the top left of the S. The racing took place along the \ part of the lake. It’s a tricky part of the lake to race in because of the way the wind is affected by the bluffs that surround part of the lake. The whole lake is kind of tricky because of the bluffs and the S shape. That’ good for people learning to sail.

The races started at 9:30 am and went to about 1:30. There were 2 in the keel boat class and 4 in the Lazer class. I came in last the last race. But I came in 2nd last the first race. After the 2nd race for the keel boats we all went to the clubhouse for lunch. (Mmm. Leftovers from yesterday’s lunch and dinner. Who ever made the slaw did a great job!)

After lunch the race organizer John told me that I was in 1st place in the keel boat class! This let me race one more time in the championship race. So off I went to re-rig the Siren that I had just taken the sails off. I got it re-rigged and raced again.

This race had me up against a CS22 for the championship of the keel boats. (CS22’s had their own class as their were 3 of them for the regatta.)

I came in last again. Bit it was close. Less than a minute close.

After the race I pulled the Siren out to make the keel bolt rubber washer repairs that I need to do. Also re-run the jib halyard. The one that I lost up the mast yesterday… My plan was to replace the rubber washers this afternoon. But that last race took some time. I didn’t get home until 4:15pm.

After pulling the boat I went to the clubhouse to see who was club champion. That’s when I found out that I’m the club champion for the keel boat class!

Wow! Now I get my name on a small trophy and that goes onto a big one next year when they peel my name off the trophy and stick next years winners name to it.

What a weekend! I go to have a lot of sailing time. And I won something I didn’t think I would ever win. (PHRF ratings make wins like mine possible.)

Now I’m the2015 club champion with one of the slowest boats in the fleet.


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