Cut rubber.

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I’m getting a late start to this tonight.

I’m just in from making rubber washers in the garage. The washers are for my Siren 17. Both the keel pivot and keel lock down bolts need new rubber washers. That’s where some of my leaking has been coming from. The windows leak a little too. I can’t just go out and buy new washers that I can find. So I picked up a sheet of neoprene rubber from Forest City Surplus yesterday. I just used my 1 ½” hole saw to drill holes in the rubber sheet. Pretty simple operation. I made enough washers for 16 boats. So I have offered the rest to members on the Siren 17 Yahoo group for free. Well the cost of shipping anyway.

The keel pivot bolt is the important one. It is always below the water line. Mine is old and cracked. Now it’s got a little line of brownish green going down directly below it. Water leaking in stain…

I’m not sure how I’m going to replace the washers on the pivot bolt yet. I know that if I take the bolt out the keel will drop out… And since the holes are below the water line it will leak very quickly.

So I guess I need to pull the boat out to repair this. Probably have to put it on the hoist and lower the keel down onto my floor jack to hold it. It’s all of a one minute job to unscrew the nut and push the bolt out and back in with new washers. But once the bolt is out the keel is free to move… Hopefully it doesn’t move. I’ve got some time to see if I can find a tutorial on YouTube for changing the pivot bolt on a swing keel boat. It’s not leaking that quickly. And I’m going to try to tighten it on Sunday. That may stop the leak all together. It may make it worse too..

Sunday is the last day of the Club Championship Regatta. So it makes more sense to do it after the racing. I don’t want to do it tomorrow morning and find out that I have to pull the boat right then to repair it… That wouldn’t be good for my race results.

Today I built the rear door for Mr Toad’s trailer. I had Heidi and Jasmine help for all of 2 minutes. I got them to climb in the trailer while I held up the plywood for the door. Heidi traced the opening onto the plywood when I had it in place. From that outline I attached the 2×4’s and corner braces.

Just like before I used glue and staples. Some screws in the corners of the 2×4’s and the 2×2 braces. I let the door dry flat on top of the trailer itself. It is the only big flat spot I have right now. My work table has some bumps and bends in it. It’s MDF that has seen it’s share of the outside. Rain… Sure. Snow… Maybe. It has been treated hard that is for sure. It used to be oval. Like a true oval. Now after my guys had used it as a work bench… It’s not so oval. It’s been butchered by a skill saw and drill bits. Yes the guys didn’t look at what they were cutting and cut chunks off the edges of the oval… I don’t know how they still  have all their fingers.

Tomorrow I am sailing single handed. I didn’t get a hold of the other Siren owners. I figure I will just give it my all and try to tactically beat the other keel boats.


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