First to the party.

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Google seems to still work…

Heidi and I went sailing tonight. We dropped off Jasmine at Rebecacas house. I spell Rebecaca like that because that’s how Jasmine says it. We don’t bother to correct her. It’s kind of cute.

I made a video of setting up the Siren 17 for sailing while we set the boat up.

I simply put my camera on the tripod and shot it in one take. I set the tripod on the end of the ramp closed=st to shore and just fit the boat into the frame. I haven’t looked at the video yet. (The camera is still in the car.) I forgot to bring the camera in. That’s OK because I plan to make another video tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to get the new trailer and load up the yard waist that is at the shop. Then I’m going to come by here and pick up the stuff from here and then it’s off for the inaugural trip to TRY Recycling. I’m pumped… LOL.

Tonight at the yacht club the guys have decided to have two starts and two separate courses for the dinghies and the keel boats. Since the Siren is considered a keel boat I should have started in the 2nd race. Should have. I decide to start in the first race and get a head start on the keel boats. I didn’t know that the course would change for the keel boats when we started…

It was set as 2-6-2-6 for the dinghies. A long course… We had a good start and were last around the first mark. We couldn’t even see any of the dinghies when we got around the mark because they had rounded the point and were probably ¾ of the way to the 2nd mark… After we rounded the point we saw all the Lasers and 2 Wayfarers coming back from the 2nd mark. Also the keel boats about halfway to the first mark.

We continued on the course and rounded the 2nd mark. As we passed the race hut I saw the change of course that was posted. It read 2-6-4-1. So we were in good shape. We headed for #4 and the wind died on that part of the lake. It was really shifty all day. When it died I decided that that was enough and we should probably head back. (Or be out past dark trying to finish…)

We still had to pick up Jasmine. It was slow getting back to the dock. It turned out to be perfect timing when we got in. We put the boat away and headed to get Jasmine.

We were only 3 min late to pick her up.


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