Out to play?

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Hmm. Something is wrong with Google Docs today. I can’t make a new doc…

I write my blog in Google Docs and then I transfer it to WordPress and edit it. ( I know I don’t do a very good job of editing… I’m used to it.) After I edit it and add photos I copy it and save it back on Google Docs. As a kind of back up I guess. In case something goes wrong with either WordPress or Google.Today it’s Google.

I spent the day chasing cats again. None were caught. They were smart enough to stay inside. It was hot too. 31C with the humadex making it feel like 36C. Warm.

I love it hot! And the humidity. I love that too. As long as I don;t have to shovel the humidity I’m happy.  That means snow. I’m not a big fan of it. Too much work to walk around in and shove. Fun for sliding on but that is about it.

I had planned to go to the shop today but didn’t get around to going.

I still have one thing to do on the trailer. That’s install the spare tire on the tier holder.

I picked up a spare tire holder from Princess Auto the other day. I was going to build my own but considering the cost difference and the time it would take I went for the the off the shelf one. It was $14 vs the $8 it would have cost me to build one.

I will get over to the shop tomorrow and install the tire.

This weekend is the club championship regatta at the yacht club. I am going to call all the SIren owners in the club to try to get another Siren out to race. Hopefully someone will come out and play.


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