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I have a new fully licensed utility trailer! It’s true! Brand new home made trailer.

I went to the shop after dropping the girls off at school. First thing was to prime the spots that needed it on the trailer. I wanted to seal the wood before the forecast rain… I got it done in about 20 min.

Once done I went to the MTO to get a new license plate. You need one for each trailer you own. It started to rain while I was in the building.

I had to write a sworn affidavit describing the trailer. I wrote that out by hand and the nice lady behind the counter took my oath. In the description I said it had the finest Princess Auto budget tail lights. Also that it was shiny Tremclad Black. Those made the nice lady behind the counter smile. $56 later and off I went with a new license plate and an ownership for my new trailer.

Why call it a new trailer…? Why not just register it as a used trailer…?

Well it wasn’t much of a trailer when I got it. It had big holes in the floor and all the wood had rot in it. A lot of rot. I took the old trailer apart and found myself with the components to build a new trailer. A frame and axle… So I built a trailer. It’s twice the height as the old one and has new frame pieces, new paint and new tires. (New lights too.) So it’s new.

After I got the license I went to Princess Auto to get bolts for the plate and some eye bolts for tie downs. They didn’t have the ones I wanted so I was off to TSC. The didn’t have much to choose from either. I did find 4 eye bolts with lag threads and 4 hooks with lag threads.

The rain finally let up on the way back to the shop. About an hour later… So the trailer was soaked when I got back. The paint had had a little chance to dry… About 40 min. So it was still tacky… I put the hardware and the plate on anyway.

I now have 4 hooks (2 on each side), 4 screw eyes (2 on the tailgate and 2 on the front), and 4 tie down rings (one on each corner on the sides). Lots of place to tie down to. My old trailer had holes drilled in the side so I could tie down. Those holes had begun to fail when i got rid of the trailer.

I worked on the lights after the tie downs. I finished up the last light and went to test the system.

Well I did something wrong… When I went to plug the lights in I couldn’t… The wire harness I used was for the car! so it was the same female end as on the car… I didn’t even look at it before I installed it. It was long enough… That’s all I cared about at the time. (Typically the vehicle plug end is 4-6’ in length.) I have never seen a 15’ long one in my life… Until today.

So tonight after supper I went to my favorite Princess store and picked up another tail light kit. Lights included. I was going to just get the wires but for an extra $9 I got water proof lights too. Just by chance the light set was on sale today only. A Friday flash sale. I got an email about the sale this morning.


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