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I wrote in the past that I planned to make vlogs. I do plan to and had been doing so in the past but some how stopped. It’s like I forgot that I was going to… I have the equipment. I just don’t seem to remember at the correct times. Yesterday for instance would have been a perfect time to make a vlog on building a trailer… But I didn’t think of doing it until I was packing stuff up just before the rain. I keep my camera and tripod in the car all the time. (It’s hidden in the back under the cover.) I just don’t think to haul it out…l do a bunch of stuff that I’m sure people would love to watch on YouTube. Or not…? Who knows? That’s the point. It doesn’t matter. Who knows if people will watch. Who cares if people will watch. All that doesn’t matter. If one person gets something out of a vlog or a how to video that is great! More than one could ever expect for living and doing things in private.  I ordered a new Gorilla Grip tripod and ball mount last night from Ebay. They should arrive in 30 days or so. In the mean time I will use what I have to do what I can. So I will start posting new videos on my YouTube channel soon. (It’s been about 6 months since I posted one… Too long.)  I have been thinking of things to video and think it’s time to just jump back in.  I’m going to start tomorrow by taking a video of the sail boat race at the club. I don’t want to use my new phone or good camera to do the videos. Not on the boat anyway. (The Siren is kind of tender… Crazy TIPPY!) And it could go over. (I like to sail that close to the edge.) If it does I will loose a really nice phone and or camera. So I have been thinking that I can use my old BlackBerry. Why not. Their worth about $40 on Kijiji right now and were not using it for anything since I got my new phone and gave Heidi my old S3. So tonight I will dig it out of wherever Heidi has hidden it and charge it for tomorrow. I’ll put in a fresh memory card and we should be good to go. I will bring the selfie stick for this project. I will modify it a bit with elastics so the phone doesn’t fall off. (It and the S3 seem to like to fall off the selfie stick once in a while. Elastics will stop that.  I think Heidi and Jasmine are coming to race tomorrow so I will have others to help capture video.  I will need to watch a few tutorial videos tonight on how to edit with the YouTube editing software and I’ll get to editing tomorrow night.  I can’t say as to how often I will put up a new video. I’m planning for one a week to start.  Thanks for watching!


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