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Another busy Sunday. I didn’t get to race…

The girls had a birthday party / pool party to attend at noon. I dropped them off at the home of Tao. He lives in Byron. It’s on the far east side of the city. We used Google to guide us to his place. Google said the quickest way was a long way…? We followed it anyway. (I should have looked on the map myself. I could have cut 10 min off the 21 min it took to get there…)

(On the way home I took the way I thought would be fastest. I was right. Much faster.)

After dropping the ladies off I went to the shop to do a few quick things. My plan was to hit the shop for 15 min then go sailing…

I got exactly none of the things I wanted to do done… I had to replace a pane of glass in one of the basement windows. The guy that cuts the grass…. (Rick) put a rock through the window the last time he cut the lawn… I found out today when I got there. So I went about fixing the window.

I have glass on hand at the shop left over from my contracting days. I also have a glass cutter. (Probably 3 or 4.) I took the window out and went to get my glass out and found that the piece I had that was big enough was broken… Just ¾ of an inch too small on the one side… So I went looking for more glass. I found some old storm windows that I don’t know where they came from so I took one apart and cut it. It broke the wrong way… So I got another one and cut it. It worked fine. I installed it with points and found I didn’t have any putty. So I used latex caulking. (Don’t try this at home folks. I’m a professional.) The caulking will hold for about 10 years before it needs replaced. It’s paintable too so I will hit it with some paint when I find the colour next…

I also fixed some baseboard that was coming off… Don’t know how that happens… I glued it on with construction adhesive. If it comes off again it will take the wall with it.

I finished up at the shop with 35 min to spare to get the girls. So I went to lunch at Piero’s Pizza. Mmmm. I figured that if the girls are having cake… I’m having Pizza.

I went and picked the girls up at 3 and we raced home to change to go to a performance by Ann Denney.

It was at a local coffee shop. East Village Coffee House. It’s a newish place in a rough part of town. (I used to live in the area when it was called crack alley… It was crazy back then! Crazy like: Hookers waving at me from the street…? I would even find used hypodermic needles on the lawn! I wouldn’t touch them. I would walk a couple doors over to the little strip mall and tell the guy that was sitting in the car that their was a needle at X spot on my lawn and to do something about it. He would just look at me strangely and say nothing… I just walked away like I didn’t know him.

Then I’d go home and wait. Any time in the next hour 2 uniformed police officers would walk down the street and casually pick up the needle, put it in a bag and keep walking like nothing was out of place… I don’t know who was sitting in the car. It seemed to always be the same 3 guys and they seemed to share about 4 different cars. I saw them every day. They also saw me every day. I only ever talked to them if I found a needle on the lawn. (About once a month!) They never said anything. I lived there for 3 years. It was interesting… The area has cleaned up a lot since then. A bunch of new shops have opened up and people are trying to revitalize the “Old East Village”. There still is a lot of drug traffic and petty crime in that area. But it’s getting a bit better. Slowly.

Ann’s singing was great.20150726_163513_HDR She is really good. Jasmien and Heidi both loved the performance. I did too. I just have been to a lot of things like that from when I used to date a jazz singer… (Long ago.) I took a Meerkat shot for Twitter and posted it. One person actually saw it and liked it. (If you have an Iphone check out Beme. It’s like Meerkat but a little different. Better I think. I can’t wait for it to come out on Android.)

We got to the coffee house in time to catch the 2nd set. I got Heidi and myself coffee and Jasmine a huge rice crispie square. (About 4 times the size that a normal person would make.)

When we got home Heidi noticed a wet spot in the basement… Below the fridge… Hmm.

I pulled out the fridge and found my waterline connection to be leaking a tiny bit. So I set to fix it.

I use a brass compression fitting to attach the copper line to the plastic fridge line and the brass compression ring inside went a little wonky when I tightened it. So I cut it off and installed another brass compression ring. It went in sideways too. Leaked worse now… (The rings compress so they are a one shot deal.)

So off I went at 7 pm to get a new ¼” compression ring. The only hardware store open at 7 pm on a Sunday is the orange one. I couldn’t find anyone in plumbing to ask about a 3” offset toilet flange so I just grabbed the package of 3 rings and left. (Ask for a 3” offset toilet flange sometime. See what happens… I’ve been told many times that such a thing doesn’t exist… By the plumbing guy… One can find the mystical flange on the bottom rack with the rest of the toilet flanges…)

I replaced the compression ring when I got home. It doesn’t leak anymore.


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