More stuff around the house.

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I did some stuff around home this morning. Seems I have some housekeeping to do here as well. I seem to have maxed out my photo storage limit… Hmm. So no photos today.

One thing was set Heidi up with my random orbital sander so she could sand down the dining room chairs. She wants to give them a distressed look and for that they need to be distressed. She then wants to clear coat them so the bare wood doesn’t darken. That’s fine with me. Each chair is a different color now… What’s a little distressing going to hurt things. I’m not sure that I have any clear varnish around home. I will take a look at the shop tomorrow.

I repaired the seat on one chair. It was cracked in a few spots so I took it apart and re-glued it.

I got to some repairs on a weed eater someone gave me. (It’s broken was all I was told.) It is broken too. The outlet fuel line from the fuel tank is missing a chunk… So I removed all the fuel lines so I can take them to get replacements at Lazer. I’m not sure when I’m going to do that. I’ll just keep the lines in the car until I am going by. (Usually once or twice a month.) I also want to get the line size off a gas powered drill I have. It has a cracked fuel tank and was just like the weed eater. Someone gave it to me. It is at the shop so I will pick it up tomorrow when I’m over looking for varnish.

I plan to pick up the small trailer I got a few months back tomorrow too. It is in the small shed. I took it apart to get it in there. I just need to put the tongue back on and it’s good to go. I am going to build a box for the trailer to house Mr Toad. Jasmines kayak. Also I plan to make it so I can put our canoe on top of the 4x4x8’ box. That will allow me to store it at the yacht club so it’s not in the back porch anymore. It will be much easier to use if it’s out there all the time.

I have drawings of how I am going to build the trailer in the garage. I’ll post them when I think of it.

I’ve started to look for a replacement for my old utility trailer. There are a few OK ones on Kijiji now but I know that there will be more in the fall. Just about the time that someone has to think about paying for storage for their trailer… I think I’m going to hold out until then unless I find a great deal that can’t be turned down. I’m looking for one that is 5×7 with 2′ sides and 14 or 15″ tires.

Jasmine had a play date this afternoon so Heidi took advantage of her being away to go sailing.

The wind was perfect. Just what is needed to move our little Siren 17 along at it’s top speed. (About as fast as a sleeping turtle drifts along.) I hope that the wind is like that on the next race days. If it is then I have a chance of coming something other than last.

We sailed for about an hour and a half. Once up and back down the lake. It is more relaxing with just the two of us. Jasmine loses her concentration and gets in the way sometimes. Yesterday I told the to go up front so she isn’t in the way of Heidi working the jib sheets. She said which up front… I said just sit in the companionway on the board. She had her feet on the board and still had to ask me where to go. I told her. Again… We’ve been over the different parts of the boat many times. It seems she has forgotten everything. I’ll work on refreshing her memory each time we are out. (This forgetfulness only seems to happen around her mom… Hmm. I think she is looking for attention.)

Tomorrow I want to repair the passenger side door of the car. It’s not broken yet but it could break at any time. I need to put new carpet in the window track so the window doesn’t catch going down and break a green roller. I used the same carpet that I lined my tool box drawers with and it works great on the drivers side. I glued it in with polymer glue so it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


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