She pulled them out like weeds!

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We raced as a family tonight. 20150722_184816 20150722_192143_HDRCame last again. I did some stuff around the house this morning and went to the yacht club after lunch. I had to lift the Siren 17 off the trailer and replace the keel cable that broke a couple weeks back. We have a boat lift at the yacht club that members can use. I used it to lift up the Siren and repair the cable. It only took about an hour. That included the positioning of the boat. That took the longest. It’s really tough to get it to lift evenly. It’s up a bit and back down to adjust the straps over and over again. I think I did that about 8 times before I was comfortable with how it was hanging in the air. You can’t work on your boat if it is just hanging on the lift.20150722_145749_HDR 20150722_141443_HDR You must use the big steel saw horses to set your boat on. (I guess you could get away with out them but you’d have to be crazy. The boat just swings around wildly if it’s not on the sawhorses.) I keep some of the tension on from the lift just in case the boat slips off a horse. Our lift is kind of low so we have a pit that we can remove the cover from and lower the keel to paint it. I took the cover off to get the keel down but then I thought about the keel swinging down uncontrolled and breaking the trunk.20150722_133904_HDR 20150722_133853_HDR So I put a few pieces of wood over the pit. The I got thinking. Why don’t I tie the keel in the up position…? So I got a length of line and did that. I attached the line to the jib cleats on each side of the boat so I could release it easily. I didn’t want to be untying a knot and have the keel slip. I the boat sitting on the stands and had the keel tied up and slowly let the keel down onto a board.20150722_141426_HDR From their it was just a matter of unbolting the broken cable. (It broke 18” from the keel.) Then taking the old center out of the cable and installing it on the new cable.20150722_142827_HDR 20150722_144630_HDR 20150722_145053_HDR I chose a stainless steel cable with a rubber outside. I did mostly because the rubber will be easier to clean the zebra mussels off than the plane braided cable. I used my cable crimps to crimp 2 crimps on the cable to make the crimped end. Then I fed the crimped end down through the hole in the cockpit floor and tied the un-crimped end to a cleat. then it was just a matter of bolting it on to the keel and to the winch. The guy at Facca gave me 12’ of cable when I asked for 5’. He also gave me 4 crimps instead of the 2 I asked for. I used all the cable. Now if it breaks again I have more on the winch I can use instead of having to go buy a new cable. Handy. When I had it back together I lifted it up and removed the stands and put it back on the trailer. It went on easily. Then off to a parking spot to raise the mast. I also put the boom on. When I was tuning the rigging I wrapped all the pin and rings with hockey tape.20150722_153535_HDR I use hockey tape because it is durable and much better than electrical tape. It stays stuck longer than a week like electrical tape. We went  out to race tonight as a family. We got out late so we missed the start by about 5 min… The ramp was super busy with all the people launching their dinghies. We sailed to the first mark and then came back. The first mark was at the far end of the lake… I decided to dock the boat differently today.20150722_195946_HDR 20150722_195950_HDR 20150722_195959_HDR The lake is down a lot so I put the boat in the end of the dock. I know that the keel won’t touch out their. Heidi was out pulling “weeds” out of her garden and “accidentally” pulled out some of my prized garlic…20150722_164918_HDR She redeemed herself by cutting the lawn and making hummus. We ate the hummus on the boat. It was really good.


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