Broken boat.

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My toy boat is broken.

I went out to the yacht club today at 5:30 to show the other members how to race. When I got their I went to install my new keel bolt. It is to replace the one that broke last weekend. I got into the boat and got the rubber washers put onto the bolt making it ready to install. I went to crank the keel up a bit and the winch turned very easily. I was turning it from inside the cabin reaching out and under the board that it is attached to. So I gave it a good spin to tighten up the cable and it kept spinning… Like it wasn’t attached to anything. It wasn’t attached to anything!

I found it had rusted through. 5 months old and it’s done. Broke from rusting. I’m not sure if the banging around that broke the bolt had anything to do with it or not. I’m guessing it did a little.

The cable was rated for 1600 lb. That’s more than twice the weight of the boat and more than 11 times the weight of the keel alone… It may have something to do with the water.

The water is fresh. (Fresh like a lumpy wheat grass smoothie.…) The lake is man made. It is fed by the Upper Thames River. That river goes through at least 4 communities and countless farms. So it’s dirty. No swimming ever dirty.

I don’t know if there’s any stray electricity that has helped with rotting this wore or not.

I decided to go down to the main dock and say goodby to the members that were waiting for the late race start to happen. On the way down I met Yens. I told him that I wouldn’t be racing because my boat was broken. He said great you can crew for me. So I crewed for him on his Wayfarer.

It is a very well set up boat.Wayfarer and Hillbilly girl 002 Wayfarer and Hillbilly girl 003 It has a lot more things than any of my boats. He can tweak the sails and get the boat to work very well in any wind condition. I operated the jib and the spinnaker. It was my first time using a spinnaker and I made a few mistakes. A lot really. But I didn’t wrap it around the fore stay or shrimp it. So I was happy.

We won! We came 4th of all the boats. Only 3 full rig lazers beat us. The other 4 Wayfarers were well back. So far back that we were out of the water before any got to the dock. The keel boats were very far back. I don’t know if all would have finished before dark. (I don’t think the Siren would have…)

So even though my boat is broken and I couldn’t pull it out I had a good race day. I’ll look after the keel cable when I get back from holiday. By then my trailer will be returned by my friend that is using it.

Tomorrow I pack for the trip. The day after that I leave. Can’t wait.

It looks like Jasmine is having fun…Wayfarer and Hillbilly girl 001


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