Is that cheese I smell? Or just me?

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I got soaked through today. I was outside  in the pouring rain. Without a rain coat of course. I don’t really like them. Too hot. I get wetter by sweating just wearing it. And when that happens I stink something awful… So no rain coat. No cats today either. Too wet for them.

I decide that since the SAAB looks so good now that I should replace the broken tail light on the drivers side. So when I was at the shop I took the one off the other SAAB and swapped them.SAAB light 001 SAAB light 003 SAAB light 006

It’s pretty easy. A flat screwdriver and a #20 Torex bit is all that is needed. It took all of 10 min to do. It would have been less time but the bolts that hold the light in wanted to cut new threads when I put it back together… I’m not sure why that happened. They came out nicely. But to get them in I had to use WD40 and tighten and loosen them in gently but forcefully… In a little bit, out a little bit. In a little bit more, out a little. Etc. They are in tight now and still can be re=moved if the bulbs ever need changed.

It looks better with the new tail light installed.

Today I got the case for my new phone in the mail. I ordered it from EBay last week and it arrived in the mail. It came from New York USA. I really like the quality of it. It seems like it is quality made. A surprise as it’s a made in China knock off case. It was all of $5.50 shipping included. ($50 for the same thing at the flea market here!)SAAB light 012 SAAB light 010

It came with a screen protector. I have a tempered glass one on order but I thought I’d try this one out. I had left the original screen protector on since I got the phone so I thought it would be quick and easy to change to this new one.

My mistake… Well it was doing it in the garage… I thought the process to be quick and since I had the screen protected already it would be clean. It was clean as a whistle until I took the screen protector off… Then the dust came. Out of nowhere… (The garage is full of dust…) So I got it on eventually after fighting with it and dust flecks… There are a few bubbles… About 20! Small ones though. Oh well I learned that I shouldn’t do that type of stuff in the garage! I’ll put the glass one on in the mostly dust free house when it gets here. It should be here some time this or next week. if next week it will have to wait until I’m back from PEI to install it.

I spoke with my beautiful wife Heidi tonight via Skype. She is getting excited for our trip to start this Friday. So am I. I can use a vacation.

I did some Goggling to figure out where we will get to before we will want to nap along the way. It looks like we will get past Quebec City after 8 hours of driving from the Steiner Center in Richmond Hill. So that puts us at 10:30 pm. I think I’ll be comfortable driving until around midnight before I want to stop. (I don’t think Heidi will want to drive at all.) I just Goggled the place we would end up after 10.5 hours of driving = Midnight… Gets us to… Fromagerie Le Detour, 120 Commerciale Nord, Temiscouata Sur La Lac, QC G0L 1X0. Hmm… Isn’t that funny how I would pick a spot where their is a cheese shop. My favorite cheese shop! (It’s just by chance!)

That leaves us 6.5 hours to the farm in PEI the next day. (More like 5.5hr.) The exact same drive I did alone last year… I don’t see us camping though. Perhaps if there is a free site at the fort. Fort Ingall; or here is their site;

Well isn’t that a happy accident. I’ll surprise Heidi.


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