Clean car. Skunk!

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I still have a sore leg. It’s swollen phone 021 I’m not a big fan of pointy bugs right now. Those are my new shoes. I like them a lot.

I got up before my alarm for some crazy reason. I got right to work on the car. I got out the steam cleaner that I have. It doesn’t steam or spray any liquid anymore. I lent it to a friend that let it freeze with water and cleaner in it. That isn’t good for the pump… But it still sucks and the little wand attachment does a really good job of getting the stuff out of the phone 001 new phone 003 new phone 005 new phone 007

So I used Mean Green in the spray bottle on the spots that really needed attention. I then used a little scrub brush to scrub those areas. Then I kind of sprayed all over lightly with the Mean Green. Then the fun. I got the hose out and blasted water into the carpet. Allover like. Then I sucked it all out with the steam cleaner. It worked very well. So well I decided to clean the back of the car. I wasn’t going to do that until I got going.

I probably should have had some special type of carpet cleaning stuff. But I improvised with what I had. I used a off brand type of cleaner on the inside of the doors and the seats. It’s a spray on wipe off type of product. Junk! After it dried all the spots where sunblock was came back… (I use a lot of sunblock. I’m bald so it’s liquid hat to me.)

I went over the back to black stuff again. It seems to work with a number of applications. I did try it on the door pillars but they are a painted surface. Not so good. It came out blotchy. Now I need to figure out how to remove it from their. I think I’ll try acetone tomorrow. That should work.

In my travels yesterday I came across 2 wooden skunks. There homemade lawn ornaments. I brought them home for my beautiful bride. (She’s going to gasp when she sees these things.) They are hand painted black and white with yellow eyes. It was the eyes that got me. They are so menacing looking. I took some pictures of them on the front lawn so I can email them to Heidi in phone 012 new phone 013 I’ll let her think they are still there during our vacation… (I put them in the back yard after the pictures. I don’t think she will like them their either…) Jasmine will!new phone 016

I did find a new critter in our backyard today. A phone 019 It’s the big brown lump in the middle of the picture. The camera was having trouble choosing what to focus on… The screen or the groundhog. Yep a groundhog in the city. It came from the neighbors place through the gap in the fence that the raccoons and skunks use to get from yard to yard. It looks full grown so I think it may be looking for a place to live. I hope it doesn’t decide on our yard for it’s new home. (Jasmine really likes groundhogs…)

I let the car dry out with the windows and the back open throughout the day. It’s still not dry.. I must have gone a bit heavy with the hose.

We don’t have any shade in our driveway so I went out to the yacht club to clean the inside of the windows. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Siren 17 with my new phone while I was phone 027 new phone 039 This phone has a really good camera with a whole bunch of manuals settings that I am yet to figure out. When I do I expect that it will take better pictures. The ones from today were a little washed out and some were blurry. I think it’s an operator problem. I’m still figuring things out with the phone. There’s a lot to figure out too.

There was no wind or I would have gone for a phone 051 Maybe tomorrow.


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