It’s here! A pain in the leg.

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I have a sore leg. I got hit by the wrong end of a wasp. I got the pointy end.

I was wearing shorts and walking when I felt a sharp pain in my left calf. Yes it hurt right away.

I was a block away so I stopped in at Posno’s flower shop to ask if they had a Benadryl tablet. I had a bunch more walking to do and wanted something to help with the swelling. Sue had one and gave it to me. I think it helped a lot. (As I write now (11pm) it is itchy and stinging but I’m not going to take another pill. I think I’ll just put some Gold Bond cream on it and call it a night.)

I picked up my new phone today! It is very nice.20150703_142008 20150703_141955 20150703_142137 I am very happy with it. One thing though. It was shipped without the “extras” that were supposed to come with it… The charger and extra battery and memory card… Those extras that I expected to get today. So I called my buddy Roger to inquire about the mix up. The nice lady I spoke to had to ask some other people but she finally came up with a solution. She passed my concern onto another department… he told me that she has no idea how the other department works but she thinks that they should call me and propose a solution… She thinks… We’ll see. (I’ll call on Monday.)

Someone gave me a pass to got the Columbia employee store. It’s a store just for employees. It’s in an industrial area just off the 401 highway. I was surprised to find a full laid out store inside a warehouse. They even had sales staff wandering around… I was looking for new shoes to replace the junk ones I got a couple months back. I picked up a nice pair of their own Columbia brand shoes. They’re waterproof too. That doesn’t matter to me.

Before I went to the Columbia store I was at the shop and finally remembered to bring the steam cleaner back so I can clean the mats for the car. I will use it on the floor of the car as well. I want to clean the car out so it is presentable for traveling. (I just like a clean car… A very rare thing with a little girl in the family.

I cut the lawn once I got home today. I also trimmed and now it looks great. One more cut before holidays. Thursday.

Tomorrow I’m planning to repair the wires the the window mechanism cut a few weeks back. It cut the wires for the hatch release, light and the fuel flap release… I will solder those back together and lube the window so it doesn’t break again… Hopefully. I want to detail the inside of the car as well. Maybe put another coat of the back to black stuff on the black trim again. It has turned out pretty well. There are a couple spots that can use another coat so I may as well make it look good.

I have to set the car up this week for our drive out to PEI. That means clean and pack it.

I take a tool set along just in case so I need to get that put in. I’m also taking our camping stuff so we can camp out if we want to.


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