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I had the new tires put on the car today. 20150702_144418 20150702_195349

The first place I went to had about an hour and a half wait so I went to a different place. The 2nd place isn’t my favorite. There the first repair place that ever called me Dr. because I was driving a SAAB…. (That means they think I haven’t got a clue about cars and have lots of cash… They are wrong on both.)

Today I was told that it’s harder to take the tires off a SAAB than other cars… They even have a sign that hangs from the ceiling that says it costs more for import cars…. (Morons!) It’s all just a cash grab. I played along with the guys today. I have called them on their BS before but today’s price was lower than that time. So… I “showed” one of them the physics behind why it is harder to take a stud out rather than a nut off. You see this male part of the stud engages the female part of the washer and there’s the problem… Friction. (I pulled that idea out of my … on the spot…) Should be fiction! The cost at the 2nd place was only $10 more than the other place I like. And I figures it was worth the extra to get the tires changed on my schedule.

The tires work great. They hold the road well and are quiet. Unlike the howling that the bad tire did. It was bad…20150702_143825 20150702_143829

When I got home from my running around I tried to figure out where my new phone was. I wasn’t at the shop when UPS came by so I missed it. I called the # on the card that was stuck to the door and was told I can pick it up after 10 am tomorrow. I guess that is what I will do. Tomorrow… I wish it had come by Canada Post. At least I would be able to get it the same day…

(I’m not a big fan of UPS. Google UPS class action and you will see why. I never have anything sent over the border with them. It ends up costing about 4 times the amount… So I’ve experienced a couple times.)

When I was out in the Village today I saw these signs. 20150702_130630There for speed cushions… Huh? Cushions. Not bumps? The city has come up with a new softer way of telling you about speed bumps. (I wish I’d been part of that think tank…) I took a picture because of the Posno Flowers sign. To tease Sue and the rest of the staff. Posno is the place that gave me a elephant ear plant and always gives Jasmine flowers when we go in.

Summer means holes in the roads in London. Now a bunch of the village is closed off and there are detours all over the place. When the city was going to close the main street that Posno’s is on Sue got hold of the construction boss and made them make signs that point to her flower shop. 17 signs! This is one that someone decided to add to. Speed cushions and all.

I stopped by an auto parts store and picked up some trim refresher for the car.20150702_195320 It is stuff that is supposed to make the black trim black again. I applied it after restoring my headlights.

I used 400, 600. 1200 and 2000 grit sandpaper on the headlights.20150702_195555 The I switched to a buffing compound on a thing on the drill. Then I sued a soft terry cloth and a tiny amount of buffing compound. I used a liquid was to seal them afterwards. Before is the first pic.20150522_195204After. 20150702_195707The lights look great! The black trim isn’t looking too bad either. I’ll see what a week brings before I mention the distributor.


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