Big Blue Gorillas and Big Red Tool Boxes.

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I got a new tool box today. Kind of new. To me anyway.

I got up today and drove the girls to school. Yes school. The one that finished yesterday… The one that Jasmine graduated grade one from… That one.

Heidi had meetings in the morning and child care was free… Jasmine actually wanted to go with her… Just to play with some of her friends that would be their too. I picked them up at noon.

While they were schooling I was out getting stuff for the charter boats. I went to Heritage Marine and got white gel-coat with wax in it and micro-spheres for thickening gel-coat. I chatted with the owner Jim about one of the projects I’m working on too.

I have a bunch of spider cracks in the gel-coat that I have ground out and need to fill. I will be using the micro-spheres and the white gel-coat to do that. The micro-spheres will fill the crevices and then I will spray gel-coat on after to smooth things out. He told me that I will still have to wet sand the spots where I spray because spraying tends to give an orange peel texture. At least it’s not as much or as thick a texture as brushing it on.

After that I went to Princess Auto to get some wire connectors and solder. I need both for some of the wiring I’m doing. I only have plumbing solder around the house or shop so I wanted to get the proper stuff.

By the time I stopped at Canadian Tire to get oil and filled the car with fuel it was time to go back and get the girls. I took them home and made staff lunch for them. (Pasta with butter, fresh garlic and freshly cracked black pepper.)

Heidi had to go back to the school for a one O clock meeting so Jasmine and I hung out. We went downtown and explored the park. Tomorrow is the start of the children’s festival… (Cash grab for the vendors.) I don’t see us going… We saw the big blue gorilla and that is enough for me. 20150618_142228

While at home I looked on Kijiji for a tool box and sent off a couple emails to prospective sellers. When Heidi got back I had set one viewing and took off right away. Someone else got back to me about my offer when I was on the way to see the first one. They said they would take what I offered fro the bottom rolling tool box. ($75).

I went to the first appointment and saw the box. ($275) It was covered with stickers and not quite what I box 3It looks big but it’s too small with shallow drawers. Hard to open too. So I went off to see the other one that I had offered $75 for. There were no pictures on Kijiji. So I was guessing at what it really was. It is a MasterCraft box. It was just the rolling bottom almost the same size as the first, One ” wider and in better shape, cleaner too. 20150618_173204 20150618_173248So I took it.

I got it home and washed it out with WD40. WD40 to remove the stickers that were on it. Not to many. WD also is a very thin oil that will help protect it against rust. (It displaces water.) Water Displacement 40. (WD40). Try it on any electrical ignition that gets wet and you will see how well it works. I used to carry it years ago in my vehicle so when it stopped running in the rain I could get it going again. Those were the days… $500 cars that would last a year. Kind of anyway.

The bottom cleaned up really nice. I got most of the dents out of it as well. There’s still the odd one but I’m not worried about them.

After supper Heidi went out with a friend with the car so Jasmine and I hung out again. I answered another add for a top box and the guy said lowered the price. It was an oddly worded ad that mentioned a bunch of tools and the upper box. The price on the ad was $100. I asked If I could view it and what all came for $100. The guy lowered the price to $75… And told me that everything comes with it… OK…

I don’t need more tools… (I could use some specialized things but not regular wrenches and sockets. I’ve got more than I’ll ever use.) So I told the seller that I wanted to choose what I wanted. Once Heidi was home with the car I took off and went to see it.

It is a Westward top box with 10 drawers and Made in Canada stamped in the metal. It came with a bunch of sockets, wrenches and other stuff. A lot of other stuff! A big Huskey tote full of other stuff. I’ll make a list of what it came with later. See the pictures for now. 20150618_223134 20150618_223333 20150618_224232 20150618_224545 20150618_224607 20150618_231632 20150618_231827 20150618_225927 20150618_231938

I got a great deal! One of the angle grinders is worth $75 alone. Now I have to sort and consolidate all my tool boxes. 20150618_225322I have to clean the box out first though. I look forward to doing that!

I’ve had a sore back/ hip since I picked up the girls from school today. Really sore! It’s like I have put something out of place. It hurts to walk, sit and I hope not lay down to sleep. I went to go to the chiropractor this afternoon but he had gone for the day. I will see him in the morning. I think my left hip has got out of joint somehow… No Idea how I pulled this off. Just hope it is gone in the morning.


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