Messed up ad analytics… And barometers. (Is that a pun?)

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Two different guys showed up and looked at my 04 9-5 Saab today! football 1298Two guys actually came! When they said they would too! Almost… I give them 10 min and I’m off onto something else. That happened today at 10:30. At 10 :40 I sent Buddy a text telling him he lost the chance to see the car. Buddy called me right away and said he was on his way into London but couldn’t make it until noon. I told him I’d try and make it for noon.

He showed up at noon… Another guy wanted to meet this afternoon. I couldn’t because I was out of the city. So we set a time for 8:30 this evening. He showed up and was impressed! He wants it but has to check to see what the monthly insurance will be. (He pays $420/ month now!) That’s a crazy amount! I pay $100/ mo. He will get back to me tomorrow.

I posted my ad again the other day. It has over 3400 views but only 21 replies. It’s been running since Feb.

I tweak it a little each time I re-post it. My other ad for the same car hasn’t even touched the first one. Just over 500 views and 4 replies.

Wait let me do the math… 3400~ 21= 161.9 and 500~ 4= 125 They are actually very close in terms of conversion. Maybe it’s not so bad of an ad. (Note. It’s almost the same! Just a different title.)

Kijiji only lets someone put up 2 ads in the car section for free. I’m not paying for an ad that will be 30 pages in in 8 hours. So I came up with another strategy. Find some crazy image and use it and write something around it that ties the car and it together. Then put it in a different category… Say sell the hood. Custom painted hood! Buy the hood and get the car! (Raise the price too!)

I thought some whacked out Sasquatch would be a great picture… Then I came across Sassy from a Google search. (That is one (*&^*% crazy cartoon! Yes that is a viewer warning! It’s not as messed up as Salad Fingers. More juvenile and plane rude.)

Sassy and SAAB. Perfect! 12 visits and 0 replies… I’m not sure why no response yet but it is early… It comes up if you search SAAB in Kijiji Ontario. Perhaps people don’t really know how to search for something or don’t want to go out of their local area. (The two guys that view the car today drove at least an hour to see it… )

I’m in no hurry to sell it. It’s just taking up a parking space at the shop. So I can have fun with the ads.

This afternoon Jasmine and I went out to my moms. Yes to her trailer in the woods. I wanted to take Jasmine to see her before she leaves for PEI on Sunday. (Jasmine is going to PEI.) We had a nice visit and a lovely dinner. Mom has a lady she used to work with and her husband over as well. Nice folks. Jasmine got to play with the dogs too. That’s important as she is going to look after them for a couple weeks while mom is in Newfoundland. Jasmine doesn’t have much experience with dogs yet. She was even afraid of moms newest dog when the first met. Not any more… She takes her for walks now. Even stops it from jumping up on her.

Tomorrow I am going to school with Jasmine. Their is a play that she is in that will be performed right after the morning assembly. I don’t want to miss it. I may even do a video of it and post it on YouTube like a proud father.

While at the shop today I took a photo of the barometer I have in the shed.20150614_104856 It said change… (See the door on the left… Wet! It was pouring rain! I think the barometer may be off a bit.)


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