Pigtail plant picking time.

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So it’s Saturday. Squeaky had a birthday party for her friend Evie (who is turning 5) to go to at 11 am. It’s at a dance studio. (A recruitment party…? Great marketing! “But mom I want to be a ballerina….”)

It was supposed to be over at 1pm. We didn’t pick her up until 5! She was having too much fun to come home. It wasn’t always at the dance studio. Only the first 2 hours were then an unexpected after party at Evie’s house for 4 more hours.

That was a nice break for Heidi and I. We did adult things like going out to a new restaurant… Yes! Without the kid. It was nice to have just adult time.

Unfortunately I had plans at the shop right after lunch. So off I went.

I was to show my 04 SAAB 9-5 to some guy so I went over to put the battery back in it and wash it. It has been sitting in the driveway for 4 months so it was a little bit dirty. (A lot dirty!)

I took my car wash brush and mittens and a 5 gal bucket. Good thing I brought the bucket. I forgot that I had the hose I keep at the shop in Heidi’s basement. So I did a bucket only wash.

The car was really dirty because of the Norwegian Maple trees that border my property. (They are the red Maple looking trees in summer. Pretty. Messy.) They drop the flower things and then keys. And to top it off in the fall the leaves fall off… Trees.

I did get the car washed with 4 full buckets of water. 2 soapy and 2 clean to rinse. I also washed the truck while I was waiting for the guy to come look at the car. It needs it again… It was so dirty.

He never showed up!… (#%$#&U^*) We were texting from morning to late afternoon and he never showed up! If I didn’t have things to do I would have left. (I did at one point.)

I wanted to get out sailing this afternoon but buddy messed that up for me. Tomorrow I am to meet someone else at 10:30 am. I let him know I no longer wait for anyone. I also double booked myself for that time meeting someone else at the shop to sell them a rototiller. (I’ll never need it again.) After that I’m going sailing. If it’s not raining…

I introduced Jasmine to garlic scapes today. 20150613_191021 20150613_191033It was the first time she noticed them in the garden. She did notice them herself and asked what type of plant it was. (I told her they were our pigtail plants and that it was harvest time too.) So I sent her out with a small pair of scissors and a bowl to pick them. She did pretty good and only missed a few. I’ll let those ones go to seed because they are pretty neat looking when they do.

I planted garlic in the flower beds last September. I am hoping to harvest a bunch of it this fall.

Some of the garlic I got from a vendor at the market downtown. Really nice big cloves type stuff. (Not the tiny white bulbs you find in the grocery stores that comes from China. Yes it comes from China… Why?) The other plants I got are a historical variety. I found those…

Back in the day. (1800’s) London was smaller and was surrounded by farms that grew the produce that was sold at the market downtown. It was the only place to get fresh produce at the time. Some vendors had gardens near the city on the Thames Rivers floodplains (Flats). Farmers wouldn’t plant there so locals did and sold their stuff at the market. The flats have been transformed now into a recreation park with soccer fields, baseball diamonds, walking paths and natural areas.

Someone grew garlic on the flats back then. I found it growing wild a few years back while tromping around off the trails. That’s the other variety of garlic I have growing. It’s really good but the bulbs are small. It’s now a yearly task for me to go and pick scapes and make them into something tasty…  Some years I make a salsa type thing or a pesto type thing. (I’ll probably make the pesto this year again. It was really tasty!) I want to go and get the seeds when they are ready too this year. I will pickle them and use them like one would use pickled shallots or capers.

We went out after scape picking to find battery’s for bout Heidi’s and my watches. Not such an easy task… The battery for my watch is small.20150515_171321 Hers is ultra tiny!20150613_172930 I had to take pictures of them both so I could blow them up on the laptop just to see the #’s on them.

We did succeed in getting one for Heidi but not for me… I’ll try another store tomorrow.

I also as a proud father purchased Jasmine her first pair of high heels today! 20150613_183506 20150613_183516She is tickled pink! She needs them in a couple weeks for a wedding in PEI. So I thought it would be a good thing to start looking now. They are perfect!


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