Taro and falling lake levels.

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The water at Fanshawe lake has dropped about 3’ since last night when I was their.

Today after I picked up Jasmine from school I took her to pick up a plant. My friend Sue was giving me a Taro plant. (Elephant ear plant) Link: http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/foliage/elephant-ear/growing-elephant-ear-plants.htm She has a bunch of them. (40 or so…) I told her that I was trying to grow one from a bulb (or tuber) I purchased at United Supermarket. 20150531_183629She gave me a bunch of tips on care at that time. The one I have planted is a Jamaican Red. Sue actually gave us two taro plants and some fresh flowers for Jasmine. (Sue owns a flower shop in Wortley Village.) So now we have three to plant in the back garden when they are big enough. If I just plant the bulbs the squirrels will pull them up. So I need to get some leave growing before they go into the garden.

After Sue’s flower shoppe we went to the yacht club to see if the water was up or down. I noticed that the river down stream was up so I was guessing the lake would be lower.

It was down about 3’ from yesterday. The main dock was even useable. 2 boats were tied up there so we went over to visit with one of the guys. Mike Moore was cleaning the anchor locker drain hole out of his boat.20150611_163723 20150611_171657(0)

I asked him if he was the one that re-tied my boat up and he said he wasn’t. I told him to let me know if he finds out who it was so I could thank them. (The boat was tied up yesterday when I got to the club. Tied up differently than when I left it the other day…) The flooding had pushed the one line off of the pole and let the bow of the boat drift off the dock. Someone re-tied it when the water went down a little. A very nice thing to do. (I should have fixed the horn cleat blocks last week and that wouldn’t have been a problem…) It won’t be next flood.

I hung out and chatted at the club while Jasmine explored and found tiny snails and huge feathers.20150611_170216 And a caterpillar. (We left everything that she found at the club.) Good thing too because Heidi is getting tired of the things Jasmine brings home. That reminds me… I need to remove the rocks from the pocked of the back door of the car. The rattling while driving is driving me crazy.

I’ve noticed that my friend Google can’t quite figure me out. I get all kinds of ads that just are so inappropriate that it is quite comical. One came today for Huckberry : https://huckberry.com and it had a link to this video. It’s for a Swedish torch. I think I will try this some time, it’s kind of cool. https://vimeo.com/130131321


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