We’ve had some rain…

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Another win by default. That’s 3 now.

I went out to the yacht club to race today but nobody showed up…

The water was up about 1.5M so the guys on moorings couldn’t get their boats. Not easily anyways. The tenders were above the main dock close to the trees.20150610_191303 I noticed that the tops of the safety ladders were about 1’ out of the water so that means that more than a foot was under water. I didn’t got and look at the other docks at the launch ramp. I know the ramps would be under water because when I was out on Sunday they only had about a foot to go. The water is now 3’ higher than Sunday.

Last year I learned not to trust the ramp to my dock. It may look like it is solid but it may not be…I sunk almost to my waist when I walked out on it last fall… Today I tested it before I walked on it. 20150610_180556By tested I mean that I got a bit of a run at it and jumped as far out toward the dock as I could. It only dropped about 4”.

I had brought my tools and a small work table to replace some of the wood on my dock. Specifically the wood that the horn cleats attach to it was broke and needed replaced.20150610_182545 20150610_183535 We have only been using one horn cleat so far this season. The other end of the boat got tied to one of the posts.

I started by measuring the wood that I had to replace. One was 13 ¼” x 6” and the other was 14 ¼” x 7”. Why different lengths and girths… I don’t know.

I cut the wood I needed out of a 2×12 that was left over from the old dock that was taken apart this spring. For the hole placement I had measured and drew my holes based on the size of the top of my Tim Hortons cup. It was a bit bigger just because I didn’t want to spend too much time on it as I still have to figure out a solution for extending pipes down on the posts from the dock.20150610_182541 20150610_184731 This repair will have to be removed and replaced when I do that.

After drawing and cutting out the holes I installed one horn cleat while the new wood was on the table. Then I went down to the dock and removed the old wood pieces. Then I Drilled pilot holes on the 2nd piece of wood when I got it installed. (The 2nd one is temporary right now. I still need to add a washer to each lag bolt.)

So Now the Siren is secure. Well secured to the dock anyways.20150610_191229 20150610_191224

I mentioned that the water was up about 1.5M. (Down form the 2.3M it was at…) One of the poles that hold my dock in place had come out from the dock when the water. It was just short of all the other poles by about 2”…20150610_191401 Not much at all!

So the dock now sits on 3 poles instead of 4. I will leave it that way until the water goes back down to it’s normal height. Once there I will jack it out and reinstall it. I think I will move the whole dock out another 2’ or so at the same time. That will make it so I can leave the Siren docked normally instead of looking like it was backed into its slip. That way I can put the rudder on without moving the boat to the end of the dock. 20150610_191217That will save some time.

I was lucky with my dock not floating too far off it’s posts. Others weren’t so lucky.20150610_181652

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