Yesterdays post tomorrow. Today’s today!

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It’s Saturday. Day 2 of camping in Collingwood. I have just installed a new WordPress app onto my phone so I can get this up today.
I wroter a post last  night but I can’t get it up…
Some thing with Google docs and trying on the website…  It seems Ihave lost spell check too… Oh well.
We had a goof day today. We got to see our friends at Blue Mountian. I went down the cart ridw with Jasmine, SHe loved it. So did I.
After that we split up and we went to town and they stayed at teh resort.
I’m writing this at teh fire side wearong a touque and sweater and jacket. It’s 8C now. But that is as low as it’s suppose to go tonight. I’ll be warm enought in hte tent.
Anyways I will post tyesterdays post tomorrow or today what ever it commes up as on the WordPress clock…?




Justsome quick photos..
I have to make it short as my phone battery is about to die,,, No power at the campsite to charge it…

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