A little critter watching and boat checking.

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Went to the yacht club today and my boat was where I left it! Yea.

I was at the shop today doing some repairs to the deck. Someone put their foot through the lattice on the doors that open to the underneath storage area… (It was Rick… He said it wouldn’t open…) It was stuck because the deck settled over the winter. I took a spade and cleaned out the ¼”  of dirt that was stopping the door from lifting and got in fine. I also jacked the deck up a few weeks back to get it back in place and give an extra ½ – ¾” of space on the bottom of the door. Hopefully it will be a few more years before someone puts their foot through the lattice again because it won’t open…

I asked a buddy to drop off lattice for me and it showed up yesterday. So today was the day to instal it. I cut it to size and installed it with roofing nails. I had used staples in the past and they worked fine but my stapler was at home. I have a number of hammers to choose from and a big tray of roofing nails at the shop so I used them. It looks good now. No broken slats or odd gaps.

After supper I took Jasmine out to the yacht club to check on the Siren 17. We had a bunch of rain and I wanted to make sure that it hadn’t floated away again… Also I wanted to make sure it hadn’t sunk… I noticed that the dock beside me had floated over its poles so I left a note on the windshield of the owner’s truck telling him to go ahead and use the other side of my dock until the water subsides. He was out drifting around in the very light wind in his boat. (Practicing for racing I’m sure…)

The Siren was right where I left it yesterday. There were a lot more maple tree keys on it today. Other than that it was fine. Same old Siren 17 waiting to be sailed. We didn’t take it out though. Not much wind and we didn’t have a lot of time. I needed to have Jasmine into bed by 8 or her mom turns into a pumpkin…

We did explore the park a bit after we got the water out of the cabin. (Leaky windows…20150531_125151 Don’t ever use silicone to waterproof… I’m a professional and used it properly and the results were less than expected.)

We started our exploration with our canoe. I had brought the wood paddles out to the club and wanted to store them up inside the canoe. Jasmine was the first to the canoe and noticed a birds nest on the front seat. I went under the canoe and sure enough there was a Robin’s nest with 4 eggs in it on the seat. (Great spot for a nest! If you are a bird. Not so great if you are a canoeist… )

I put the paddles up inside and took a couple pictures of the nest.20150601_181103 20150601_181122 We will leave it there until the birds leave in a couple weeks.

On the rest of our expedition we saw a fox, a chipmunk, a raccoon, a deer, about 50 groundhogs (Including 3 really cute babies.), a flock of wild turkeys and 2 rabbits. 20150601_185123Not so bad for critter watching.20150601_183608 20150601_183557

After I got home with Jasmine I had to go out and meet someone to get some boat parts. I got an outboard lock, bilge pump switch and a compass. They will be put to good use on the charter boats. (The compass is going on the Siren.)


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